Umbrex is pleased to welcome Mukesh Jagota with JRCC Partners. Mukesh Jagota spent five years as a Senior Leader in the Consumer and Retail Practice at Strategy& (formerly, Booz & Co.). Mukesh was one of the firm’s key thought leaders in the area of Sales & Marketing. In particular, Mukesh has conducted numerous client projects […]

In case you missed the webinar last week on how to write a consulting proposal, here is a recording. Here are the slides. Here is a proposal template in Word.

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Bernhard Heine with Professional Business Coaches. Bernhard Heine is a Business and Executive Coach at Professional Business Coaches, Inc., (PBC, Inc.) a company he founded to help business owners and leaders achieve their vision. Bernhard has more than 30 years of experience working collaboratively with business partners in all phases […]

  Geoff Wilson provides a reality check and a sage reminder to plant your feet firmly on the ground when looking to the future.    Times of crisis require a change of perspective and a call to action. So, here we are, weeks into a bizarre world of isolation, uncertainty, and pain.  If one thing […]

  Davide Gronchi provides a pragmatic approach to risk mitigation and shares a method he uses that was invented by the US military in the late 1940s: FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis) to assess risk under three lenses.  Whilst in the middle of a heavy and unexpected crisis, company leaders are requested to keep […]

  Eric Hiller takes a look at the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on higher education and discusses the pros and cons of online learning.    “With the advent of our unfriendly visitor from Wuhan, the COVID-19 virus, a lot of things have changed. Higher education has been particularly hard hit. I could not find […]

If you are looking to get business insurance, check out this episode of The Umbrex Guide to Setting Up Your Own Consulting Practice. This episode includes an overview of 33 different types of business insurance that independent consultants may consider purchasing.

  Jeremy Greenberg’s company has published a report that shares insight and statistics into workplace diversity. The research is clear that diversity in the workplace is good for both employers and employees. Many prominent studies have found proven benefits of a more diverse work environment. These benefits include an increase in innovation, reduction in turnover, […]

  David A. Fields identifies two issues consulting firms must overcome to win projects and asks four pertinent questions that can help you take the action needed to move forward. Your consulting firm has probably encountered more resistance from prospective clients than usual over the past eight weeks. Fortunately, you can understand and overcome the […]

  Jonathan Paisner shares his expert insights on branding in this new video series. This week, a 150-second overview of The Branded House vs. The House of Brands. There is a little bit of brand in everything your business says and does. We’ve created this series to give you a little bit of brand thinking […]

Umbrex member Indranil Ghosh is the author of the recently published Powering Prosperity: A Citizen’s Guide to Shaping the 21st Century. In Episode 289 of Unleashed, Indranil discusses the key themes of the book: inclusive governance, investing with purposes, and empowering local communities.

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Igor Buchatskiy.  Igor is a Managing Partner of BGlobal Capital. Prior to joining BGlobal, Igor has run large farming companies in all the major sectors of agriculture – animal husbandry, row crops and sugar production – and worked as a consultant specializing in Strategy, Operational Improvement and Digital Innovation for […]