Jesse Jacoby shares an article on how transformation programs, agility, and culture play a major in the success of a business.  Many companies are undertaking business transformation initiatives this year – to rein in costs, streamline processes, re-structure teams, drive new revenue, produce higher quality output, etc. These initiatives are inherently complex and require savvy […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Diane Johnson Flynn with ReBoot Accel. Diane is Cofounder and CEO of ReBoot Accel, designing inclusive work cultures. She consults with Fortune 500 companies, coaches executives, and facilitates workshops that support and promote women and underrepresented groups. Ms. Flynn co-authored two books — “50 Questions Inclusive Leaders Ask” and “The […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Ashley Lim. Ashley has nine years of experience in strategy consulting and startup operations across healthcare/life sciences, food & beverage/hospitality, and eCommerce. Her past projects range from strategy (i.e., vision & roadmap development, product portfolio management, supply chain strategy & planning, cost optimization, and go-to-market strategy) to PMO and large-scale […]

Glenton Jelbert shares a chapter from his book that examines evidence in the bible that tackles Christian arguments and reflects his journey as a former Christian. This is an excerpt from the Introduction of Evidence Considered: A Response to Evidence for God (available here). Over the coming weeks, I will be posting a few sample […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Christoph Holle. Christoph is running his own business with focus on organizational development since 2016. Prior to that he has held executive positions across many functions incl CPO, GM, COO & CFO. He started his career at McKinsey and holds degrees in electr. eng., business and history. Christoph operates within the […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Kate Wade with Wade Strategy.  Kate is an accomplished, results-driven senior executive with experience in identifying and accelerating value creation opportunities to drive growth and efficiencies. Background in strategic planning, market insight, and organization design efficiencies, and in helping companies grow by solving problems, motivating teams, and identifying demand-driven growth. […]

In this article, Christy Johnson shares the evidence on how diversity can improve performance and provides six steps to build diversity into your business strategy.  There is no doubt that team dynamics drive strategic performance. Properly aligning various competencies to match a current strategic challenge can mean the difference between success and failure. However, what […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Paul Swaney with Swaney Group.  Paul is a seasoned executive with an illustrious career spanning over two decades in manufacturing and supply chain operations. His expertise lies in redesigning supply chain models, initiating greenfield projects for manufacturing and distribution sites, and driving lean transformations. Paul’s leadership roles have seen him […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Marie Lahoud with Lahoud Consulting.  Known for driving rampant growth and capturing impressive market share for global companies in highly-competitive industries. Marie spent 3 years Booz Allen Hamilton in strategy practice and been running her own consulting firm full time since 2013. Throughout her career she developed a well-honed ability to […]

In this article, Edward Kee explains why it’s time to rethink renewable subsidies.  Government energy subsidies are standing in the way of a clean US electricity system — and US nuclear. Nuclear power in the United States is struggling, with well-maintained plants closing early and few new projects in the works.  At the heart of […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Anabel Labarta. Anabel Labarta has a long consulting trajectory, as independent consultant since 2015, thanks to her previous experience as manager at Bain & Company in Madrid and Boston. Once she quit Bain & Company she launched her own business, a company to design, produce and commercialized technical apparel for […]

Tineke Keesmaat shares an article that can help leaders support their middle managers in a hybrid workplace. TILTCO held a series of roundtable discussions in January and February 2021. Attended by business leaders, consultants, academics and experts, the discussions gathered insights and practical ideas to help leaders reimagine their organizations as we emerge from the […]