As the use of AI becomes more ubiquitous, this article from Barry Horwitz explores how to use it and not hide from it. You’ve no doubt heard a lot about AI (Artificial Intelligence) over the past several months. From what I’ve read, these tools will either be the greatest invention ever, transforming the world of […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Megan Sun with Megdata.  Megan is a seasoned data leader with rich leadership experience in global top-tier companies including BCG, IBM, OLX, and Wayfair. With 10 years of experience in Data Analytics & Data Science, Megan has spearheaded major data and AI transformations across diverse industries, including retail, marketplaces, catering […]


Stephanie Hsu shares a video from the Jeremy Lin foundation that highlights the impact organizations can have on catalyzing change. Check out the video! We are inspired by the impact of each organization catalyzing change for the AAPI community and working with other marginalized communities. Thank you for being on this journey in building a […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Farah El-Hindi.  Farah is a management consulting professional who has been delivering across diverse contexts within the government and private sectors in the region. Her career spans 12 years of experience, mainly with Elixir, a Saudi-based consulting firm that is part of McKinsey & Company. Elixir was part of the […]


In this article, Jesse Jacoby explores the benefits of hiring employees with shared values, and the problem with creating shared values. It’s been suggested that you can increase team performance by creating values that all members share. Sounds like a great idea, right? What could be better than if everyone had the same red lines, […]

Glenton Jelbert shares a conversation on faith that explores atheism, faith, and the total life experience argument. One of the unexpected joys of having written a book on atheism is the opportunity to have conversations with people of many different perspectives. John wrote to me out of the blue the other day, and we had […]

Tineke Keesmaat shares a podcast from the Hybrid Workplace series. In this episode, building culture in a hybrid workplace is discussed. Our third discussion on hybrid captures insights and practical ideas from business leaders, consultants and academics about how leaders can build great culture in hybrid workplaces. Company culture matters. Strong culture is linked to […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Nabila Hassan with HAS Consulting. Nabila is a strategic communications expert with experiences at McKinsey, an EdTech startup, and various public sector organisations. She runs her own consulting firm and has experience in developing communication strategies, managing large-scale projects, crafting engaging articles and narratives, building partnerships, and developing business proposals. […]

If you are wondering what steps you should take to build diversity into your business strategy, consider these six steps from Christy Johnson. There is no doubt that team dynamics drive strategic performance. Properly aligning various competencies to match a current strategic challenge can mean the difference between success and failure. However, what truly makes […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Henry Kenneth Steuer. Henry was an associate at McKinsey in the San Francisco office for almost 3 years focusing on Fintech, Banking, and Tech client work. Prior to McKinsey, he worked at Capital One for 5-years as a leader in product and analytics within the credit card business where he […]


In this article, Jay Jung identifies the five biggest mistakes founders make when they sell their business and explains how to avoid them. Our firm is well known for advising founders/business owners when it’s time to sell their companies. Fewer people know that we also advise buyers–like private equity firms–when they are acquiring these businesses. […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome David Rancourt. A summary of David’s experience follows. “I’m David and my niche is the intersection of Finance and Strategy in the financial sector. I have worked closely with CFOs and other senior executives on key strategic issues where analytical rigour and both business and financial acumen are critical. My […]