Kaihan Krippendorff provides an article that offers a new twist on innovation development.  To keep up with today’s rapid pace of disruption, every company feels the pressure to innovate. Most of them, when trying to shift to an innovative culture, feel like they have to pursue brand new ideas. But when I was recently invited […]

Jeremy Greenberg shares an article published on that offers three ways we can improve our performance through self-monitoring.  Tens of millions of us — two thirds of all American full-time workers — are now working from home. This often means we’ve had little direct supervision or oversight in months, away from our colleagues’ (and […]

Morten Stilling shares a white paper that outlines a strategy-focused model for systematically identifying organizational pains and opportunities as well as underlying themes. “Industry 4.0 is here, and Digitalization is hyped. But most organizations pursue their digital agendas with a technology focus, which brings alluring short-term results but gets in the way of delivering true […]

Johannes Hoech explains what companies can do to be more confident in their ability to hit their numbers. In a perfect world, your company would hit its revenue projection every time. In a good-enough world, you’d hit it at least most of the time. Unfortunately, the current reality may not reflect either of those scenarios. […]

Kedar Gharpure shares an article that identifies key factors involved in B2B value-based pricing. You have likely read articles about Value-Based Pricing (VBP) – after all, the concept has been around for several decades. However, our review of over 50 VBP articles from the top search results highlight that a) there is very little VBP […]


Particularly in an initial discussion with a potential client, it can be productive to flip the question: 1. Client: “Tell me about your relevant experience.” Flip the question: “To help me identify which experiences may be most relevant, do you mind if I first ask a few more questions about your project?” Comment: Clients aren’t actually that […]

Joy Fairbanks shares an article that offers a few key tips for ventures to improve their pitch. 15 minutes are so over. Founders, you have thirty seconds to explain why the venture you work on day and night is worth someone’s attention.  You are innovative, your technology sizzles, and you have a talented team.  You […]

In this article, Jeffery Perry writes about frothy mergers and acquisitions, synergy expectations, and integrations. Despite the business challenges of the global pandemic, global mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activity in 2021 has been at record levels across sectors. For corporations, private equity (PE) firms, and special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs), when M&A deals happen, headlines […]


Jesse Jacoby explains how to define and communicate your concept of corporate culture.  Ask 100 managers how they define organizational culture, and you’ll probably get as many different definitions as possible. Even scholars cannot agree; and that means that your definition is as appropriate as anyone else’s. This makes the challenge, however, of creating the […]


In this article published on Influencive, Jay Jung offers his top ten tips to companies considering a sale or an M&A. During his successful, six-year run with Goldman Sachs when he routinely negotiated multi-billion-dollar deals, Jay Jung took note of how Fortune 500 companies loaded with experienced CEOs and CFOs always made it a practice […]

Jessica Lackey explains how to use the fear of missing out as part of a strategy for your business. The call to take on everything at once, to maximize our time, to avoid the opportunity cost of time, is deeply ingrained in our society. Our bucket lists are long. Our intentions are big. And we […]


Ian Tidswell provides insight into the psychology of pricing. Why are we often less than completely rational? Delving into psychology, one can think of the brain as having two types of circuits: system 1 and system 2 (Kahneman) or elephant and rider (Haidt). The elephant (system 1) acts quickly and seemingly automatically, following a set […]