Alistair Hodgett shares a post that asks how you end the work week and offers tips on how to make the pre-weekend break productive. The end of the work week can be many things: The end of a period of work, consisting of achievements and difficulties A transition to leisure time, activities or time with […]

  Based on input from members of the community and from experts such as Josh Spector, we just published a step-by-step guide on how to create a newsletter that includes this checklist. A newsletter is a great way to stay top of mind with potential clients. For inspiration, subscribe to newsletters that other members of the community […]

David Hensley shares a post that breaks down the steps of refreshing a brand.   We are often called in to advise on whether and how to refresh B2B brands, and even ‘should we change our name?’ Our advice is always that it depends on the circumstances. Has the product offer changed significantly? Has the nature […]

David A. Fields shares an irresistible post on communication and how to develop the language your consulting firm uses to improve both relationships and results. You can enhance your consulting firm’s performance and results by reexamining the language you use to understand and communicate your clients’ challenges. A cursory internet search surfaces a plethora of […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Jamie Warlick with FedComply. Jamie is a former BCG management consultant now working part-time in Lower Middle Market acquisitions. Prior to BCG, Jamie served as an Infantry Officer in the Marine Corps and worked as an investment banker at Barclays Capital. He holds an MBA from Wharton Business School and a […]

Robyn Bolton tackles common resource allocation mistakes and explains how to avoid them. You know that to deliver today’s business and achieve tomorrow’s goals, you need a portfolio of projects that improve your existing operations and a portfolio of innovation projects. You also know that to max out your odds of hitting tomorrow’s goals, you […]


Patrice Gorin shares a beginners guide to agile consulting. In my experience, both as a consultant and a client, I’ve seen teams and organizations waste huge amounts of energy and resources pursuing inefficient approaches to solving problems. As a result, I’ve often felt as if there was no time left to do agile the right […]


Susan Drumm shares an episode from her podcast series The Enlightened Executive. In this episode, she interviews Bill Adams on the Leadership Cycle model and how to use it to inspire more and control less. Maybe you recognize yourself or another leader you know in this common but ineffective leadership pattern: A leader wants to […]

Stephen Redwood shares a company post from the series Questions Clients Ask Me. This post explains how data informs organization design. As access to tools that provide rich data about organizations proliferates, companies have a growing abundance available to inform their projects. Organization design projects require both quantitative and qualitative information, but “how much is […]


Sven Beiker shares an article that explains how the biggest challenge facing automated driving is real-world traffic. Nice interview here with SAE International for their monthly magazine “Update“. My piece is titled “Realities of traffic make automated driving a challenge”. It is a conversation around what is missing to bring autonomous vehicles (automated driving to […]


Change filenames from your perspective  –> to that of the intended audience. Proposal to Client X.ppt  –>  Strategic sourcing project proposal from Consultant Y.ppt Resume_marketing_version_finalfinal.pdf  –>  Firstname_Lastname_Resume.pdf [If you have multiple versions of your resume, save them in separate folders.]

Stephen Wunker shares an article that explores the lessons learned from Fidelity’s move into Fintech. Fidelity Investments, with more than $4 trillion in assets under management, is one of the world’s largest financial services firms. But the firm isn’t content with its current status. This privately-owned company founded in 1946, is seeking new markets that […]