Umbrex is pleased to welcome Hanna Mahlen with HM Consultancy. HM Consultancy provides people-centric strategy and implementation to help clients meet and exceed their objectives. Its founder, Hanna Mählen, is an experienced and versatile consultant who delivers results for clients through a combination of strategic thinking, analytical skills, and hands-on execution, with expertise in strategy, […]

Jessica Lackey shares a sage reminder designed to inspire you to keep on walking your talk. A post of yours gets only a handful of likes. Your newsletter list is growing oh so slowly. You get no feedback for a presentation or a meeting you prepared so hard for. And yet…. The clients you are […]

In this evergreen article, Johannes Hoech explains why managing fear connects to marketing effectiveness. Emotions are powerful and the biggest emotional motivator of all is fear. There are two types of fear. The first is real. It gets triggered when facing actual, life threatening situations. The second is psychological—these are things we make up in […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Matthew Egol with JourneySpark Consulting. A partner at PwC Strategy& for more than 15 years, Matt is a recognized thought leader in the experience management space. Since leaving PwC, he launched JourneySpark Consulting to help clients on their company journeys to be more customer-driven. Matt is also a subject matter […]

Neeraj Monga shares an article on the recent banking news. First Republic Bank (“FRC”, or the “Bank), with a current market capitalization of $4.2B, is still standing with conflicting opinions as to its viability. Although The Federal Reserve (“The Fed”), the U.S. Treasury, and a consortium of the largest U.S. banks agreed to provide deposit […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Jerome Bouaziz. Jerome has spent 10 years at Digital McKinsey working on all elements of IT modernization with a particular focus on Cloud Adoption. Prior to that, he was a software developer for 10 years. Jerome lives in the Chicago Northern suburbs with his wife and two young kids. His […]

Paul Sims - Agile, Inc

If you are thinking about your personal brand or how you are perceived online, Paul Sims shares an article that may help you define the traits that are important to you. I attended the funeral of a close friend last week and, as those things often do, it caused me to reflect. I thought about […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Lev Lesokhin. Lev has served as an executive leader, strategist, CMO and product evangelist at multiple tech firms. His experience ranges from software development & QA, cybersecurity, NLP, and consumer finance to full stack marketing, product development, and supply chain optimization. Lev serves on the boards of two software industry […]

In this article, Hari Sripathi explores the pros and cons of the carsharing model with a focus on Truro. Back in 2018, I wrote about the fundamental flaws in the dominant carsharing models of the day – Zipcar and Getaround. Specifically; Renting out a car multiple times a day is more costly than just once […]

In this article, Geoff Wilson shares how the secret to success lies under your feet. If you have spent more than a few minutes with me, then you likely have heard me chatter on about my passion for the game of golf dating back to when I started playing seriously twenty years ago. In my […]

Matthew Egol shares a company blog post on how new companies use innovative approaches to scale their business models and build their distinctive cultures. Emerging companies are disrupting industries from food and beverages to health and beauty to fintech, with growth across categories fueled by startup brands taking share from incumbents. In response, larger companies […]

Indranil Ghosh shares an episode from the Powering Prosperity podcast. In this episode, he interviews the vertical farming pioneer Louis Ferro. This weekly newsletter looks at issues relating to the Global Economic Transition that will play out over the coming 20-30 years (see my Apr 13 introductory article on Linkedin for additional context). Each week, […]