Anders Corr shares an article published in Epoch Times that explores Canada’s relationship with China.  On Christmas, Canada’s Global television aired an interview with the country’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. He made excellent points on the need for democracies and their allies to cooperate more in dealing with the China threat. “We’ve been competing and […]


Josh Spector (website) publishes one of my favorite newsletters, For The Interested (25,000 subscribers), which features ideas to help creators produce, promote, and profit from their creations. I’ve been reading every issue for over a year, so it was a lot of fun to have Josh as a guest on Episode 459 of Unleashed. This episode is […]

Matt Ahlers asks the above pertinent question and stresses the importance of asking it before taking action.  Is it “Yes” or “Mostly Yes”? One way to tell is if you hesitate to re-validate all of your information before taking a leap or if you fail to act based on data presented. At best, this slows […]

Mark Ledden shares an article that explains why self-orientation is the most important component of trust.  The math of David Maister’s Trust Equation[1] is designed to make a simple point: of the four components of trust, self-orientation is the most important. His argument makes a certain intuitive sense. If I think you are all about […]

Johannes Hoech provides a path to faster revenue growth. If you want to know how your marketing and demand gen teams performed last quarter, you’re in luck. There’s a slew of marketing and revenue analytics tools geared at measuring historical lead generation and conversion rates and attributing past revenue to lead sources. But if you’re […]


From David Hensley’s company blog, a post on assessing and improving the company brand. We are often called in to advise on whether and how to refresh B2B brands, and even ‘should we change our name?’ Our advice is always that it depends on the circumstances. Has the product offer changed significantly? Has the nature […]


As a new variant hits the streets and the headlines, this article from David Edelman asks if it is time to put health first. Over the past several months, many Americans have put their own health care needs on hold as they care for others, or have delayed care due to fear of contracting COVID-19. […]


Aneta Key shares an article on the purpose and benefits of the Growthkey blended learning approach program. One way to increase the leadership capacity of your organization is to invest in the development of your people and build organizational capabilities. The GrowthKey Programs help you do just that. GrowthKey blended learning approach The GrowthKey professional […]

It is an often unspoken agreement that, sometimes, the customer is wrong. Bernie Heine offers seven practical suggestions on how to deal with the situation.  Here is an interesting point to consider: The customer is not always right. Despite the age-old adage, you are undoubtedly aware that sometimes your customers are completely in the wrong. […]


Susan Drumm shares a podcast from her series, The Enlightened Executive. In this episode, she interviews Chris Shembra on the many benefits of developing a gratitude process.  Wellness is so much more than physical and mental health.   For decades, physical health was the number one conversation happening in the wellness space. Food and exercise were […]


  Thanks to Umbrex member Robyn Bolton for this tech tip: Krisp provides “awesome noise canceling for Zoom calls.  The free version only gives 240 minutes per week which is plenty for me but other may need more depending on their environs and whether or not they use headphones.”


In this article, Barry Horwitz offers valuable insight into pricing.  Pricing. It’s one of the most important elements of any business value proposition. And yet, it’s a topic that many struggle with. That’s because setting the right price is about much more than simply setting price higher than costs or mimicking the actions of competitors. […]