Umbrex is pleased to welcome Michele Ross with MLR Consumer&Commerce.   For over a decade, Michele has been finding the intersection of customer needs and companies’ unique value propositions to develop winning strategy. She swiftly grasps even the most complex retail environments, but the real talent is her uncanny ability to identify and understand the consumer. […]

Barry Horwitz has recently published his newest book, The Strategy Game, 41 Essays on Playing to Win for Competitive Advantage.  My new book – The Strategy Game, 41 Essays on Playing to Win for Competitive Advantage – has officially launched and is now available on Amazon. As the title suggests, it’s a compilation of 41 […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Leonid Karlinski with LK Management Consulting.  Leonid (Leo) Karlinski moved to independent consulting 4 months ago, after spending 4 years as a Managing Director with CHECK24, Germany’s leading price comparison portal, where he co-led and scaled the P&C insurance vertical up to 10 diverse products and a team of 300 […]

Victor Jones shares his point of view on grief, paying respect, and the purpose of pain. A line of black suits and dresses walked quietly into the red brick ranch-style house in the New Orleans suburbs. The sun had the sky all to itself on a cloudless December morning and reflected off the hoods of […]

In this article, Elias Mazzawi reveals the new way of thinking that underpins mergers and acquisitions. As the world pivots driven by recession, higher interest rates and supply-side challenges, the nature of M&A has changed dramatically. Gone are the days of the mega deal; incoming are the days of opportunist and strategic add-ons that might […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Holger Wateler with HK Management Partners.  Holger is an experienced Executive with a continuously demonstrated track record of high impact achievements with reputable clients (Large Corporates, PE firms, SWFs, and SMUs) around the globe. More than 20 years of truly international, hands-on exposure driving tangible results. Inter-culturally skilled working extensively […]

If you’re still in hibernation mode and feeling a little lazy, leave guilt behind and embrace the virtue of laziness. Marja Fox explains why laziness can be a superpower.  I will never forget the look on her face. It was senior year of high school and my desk neighbor in Accelerated Physics class, Jami, stared […]

Anubhav Raina shares a post that explores the problem with tech leaders driving the wholesale adoption of tech.  Saw this pop-up in my feed and something about the tone and the people giving the message (tech leaders) just angered me. Some fears are justified & their conversation should be encouraged. In today’s age it should […]

Sachin Sanghvi shares the ultimate checklist for streamlining your clinical trials in 2024. Welcome back to the second part of streamlining clinical your trials for 2024. In this last segment, we’ll uncover additional key tactics that leaders like you can employ to not only navigate the complexities of trial management but more importantly drive your […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Eric J. Rajendra. A summary of Eric’s experience follows. “I am a well-tested independent consultant and long-standing supervisory board director who enjoys working hands-on with my clients and senior colleagues. I started my career as a banker at what is now JPMorgan Chase & Co./Chase in NYC and then embarked […]

Alex Sharpe shares a timely reminder and advice on how to be aware and prepare for potential cyber attacks. The Energy, Food and beverage, Manufacturing, and Healthcare sectors are also affected. Soon after the series of coordinated armed incursions into Israel by Hamas and the subsequent response by Israel, we saw a significant uptick in […]

Paul Sims - Agile, Inc

If you are thinking of revamping your personal brand for the New Year, this article from Paul Sims may help you move in the right direction. Last week, I wrote an article about the benefits of a polished personal brand. If you haven’t read it yet, click here to read it. It’s a quick, easy […]