Over the past few weeks, two consultants told me that DocuSigns they receive always go to their spam folder, and they couldn’t figure out how prevent that from happening. With most email providers, you can set a filter so that emails from a given sender always go to your inbox, never to spam. Or if […]


David Edelman shares an article that extols the benefits of video as an effective business communication tool.   “When you buy a new car, do you really want to learn about it from a 300-page manual, or would you rather have a curated curriculum of two-minute videos that you work through at your own pace, […]


Dean Lindo shares a blog post from his company website that provides insight into the doability of sustainable operations in business. “Retailers remain under ever-growing pressure from a younger, more socially conscious, and more vocal consumer and employee base to embed values deep into business strategy. A National Retail Federation survey in early 2020 found […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Luke Secosky with Secosky Consulting Group.  Luke is the founder and owner of Secosky Consulting Group. Prior to starting his own independent consulting business, Luke spent 8 years at Bain & Company – 5 years as a Practice Manager for Bain’s Americas Consumer Products & Retail Practice, and 3 years […]


David Burnie shares a post from his company’s website that explains how chatbots are transforming financial services and insurance. “Why use chatbots? Customer expectations are constantly evolving, and the tech-savvy generation is increasingly looking to resolve queries on their own. In addition, there is a continually growing expectation for round-the-clock customer service. These consumer preferences […]


Ramon Saravia shares an always useful post on how to improve the bottom line by reducing purchasing costs.  In many companies, the purchasing area is only seen as a transactional function, attached to the routine . In these companies, purchasing is just another function to acquire what is necessary for the company’s operations. Typically, one, […]

Priyanka Ghosh shares a case study from her company blog on preparing for professional readiness.  SITUATION A leading business school in Dubai approached ProMelior to run a series of workshops and 1:1 sessions to prepare students for job interviews as they approached the end of their MBA program. Many of the students aspired to careers […]


Neel Bhargava shares a downloadable PDF on how secular industry trends help drive growth of the market for ABA therapy services, which help treat autism in children and young adults.  Executive Summary ABA Therapy market is a highly attractive area to invest considering its favorable growth outlook, supply/demand imbalances, and industry structure. Tailwinds in the […]

Anubhav Raina shares a post from a series on influencing that is designed to improve both influence-driven communications and strategy. NOTE: this is part of a longer series of influencing: Intro CIF — Core Influence Framework Building Trust Convincing people Appendices Using effective questioning Expanding the size of the pie Negotiation: sweetening the deal Using […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Nicolas Mialaret with Asteri Partners.  Nicolas had 10 years of consulting experience at Booz & Company / Strategy& in Sydney, Australia and Toronto, Canada, then Delta Partners in New York City before starting  Asteri Partners in Vancouver, Canada since 2020. Target clients: Large organizations, Investment funds, Private Equity firms Functional […]


Supriya Prakash Sen shares a few key takeaways on the dark side of the tech revolution.  Came across this an alarming but important book called “The Internet is NOT the Answer” (2015) by Andrew Keen, a well known commentator based in Silicon Valley. Written by an industry veteran- it is obviously a ringside view, and […]


Miklos Tomka identifies the downside of paper straws, which may lead to the bigger question: do we need them?  We at Matrix Pack are talking to many companies about paper straws. In those discussions we often talk about how paper straws are made and what raw materials are used. (The key raw materials of course […]