You can use IFTTT (stands for “if this, then that.”) to connect many common applications with one another. No coding required. E.g., I used this applet to send all my Instapaper highlights to my Evernote account. For more advanced integration options, check out Zapier.


  David A. Fields offers timely advice on how to reconnect with decision makers after a long period of no contact.  Every decision maker who’s regularly in conversation with your consulting firm is a high-potential source of projects and revenue. But if you’ve been out of touch with a prospect, restarting the relationship can feel […]


  Martin Pergler shares an article that explores risk appetite and how to address it as we move into phase two of COVID-19.  Act I of COVID response has been about broad societal measures to stop the pandemic from overwhelming the health system, e.g. physical distancing, pausing the economy, cutting travel; all to slow exponential […]


This tip is from an exercise we did last week in Tiago Forte’s Building a Second Brain course. Write down your twelve “favorite problems” and save in your notes app or desktop or some place you’ll see regularly. The idea being: by writing them down and reviewing periodically, your mind will be working on these problems in […]

  Caroline Taich can help you improve your strategic planning process by understanding what drives the differences in the team’s expectations.  Much of my work involves strategic planning. Over the years I have observed that there are different kinds of strategic plans, and different views on what constitutes an excellent plan. This can lead to […]


  Nora Ghaoui examines the limitations of artificial intelligence as it pertains to building a business strategy. If company strategies risk sounding the same when written by people, what happens when they get written by AI? In this post I examine an AI-generated strategy statement for what it says about the abilities of AI and […]

  As more companies seek mega mergers to dominate the marketplace, a new alliance is going to revolutionize how you access your meds. Kaihan Krippendorff uses Amazon’s recent expansion into pharmaceutical distribution to illustrate the importance of proximity in expanding and improving business offerings.    If you want to predict the path of innovation in […]

  Amanda Setili was recently interviewed by Colleen Francis  on LinkedIn Live where they discussed how the pandemic will improve certain areas of business for the employer, the employee, and the customer.   What a fun and thought provoking conversation with Colleen Francis today. We covered a lot of terrain, including: – How having a […]


LinkedIn launched a feature in July that lets you show people how to pronounce your name. If anyone has ever been unsure how to pronounce your name, consider taking thirty seconds to add the pronunciation to your profile. Just open the LinkedIn app, click to edit your profile, and click on the banner.


  Susan Drumm provides an article that explains how knowing your Enneagram can help you grow as an individual and as a leader. ‘Okay, I know I’m a 3 and that’s been really helpful,’ my friend says over a plate of roasted vegetables. She stabs a sweet potato with her fork and points it at […]

  Ravi Rao was recently interviewed on the podcast The Why Word where he explains how businesses can become emotionally healthier places to work, and reap the benefits of a happier, motivated, and more productive workforce. Humans survive because we care about each other, because we are connected to each other, because we are so […]


  Robbie Kellman Baxter shares a podcast from her new series, Subscription Stories – True Tales from the Trenches. This week, she is in conversation with Brad Handler, vacation entrepreneur. They discuss his affordable business model, the integration of membership and subscription into the luxury travel service, and more.  I’m Robbie Kellman Baxter. Today’s subscription […]