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Paul Sims shares an article and template that reveals how to write the perfect follow-up email. When you’re in the job search, you’re going to start meeting influential people in person for job interviews, informational interviews, and networking. You need to impress these people and stand out in order to keep moving along in the […]

Johannes Hoech shares an article that identifies areas to watch and steps to take to control revenue losses and improve growth. Would you fly in a passenger airplane with multiple, disconnected pilots? One controlling the engines, one for heading, one in charge of fuel, etc. Seems absurd to think that a plane could actually fly […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Jessica Shamoun. Jessica spent 6 years with Bain & Company focused on private equity, portfolio optimization, and growth strategies. Since Bain she has held leadership roles at two startups, first in CPG then in real estate tech, most recently as the VP of Business Operations and Product Strategy leading projects […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Ted Perkins. Ted is a former banker and Associate Partner at McKinsey, where he served clients on corporate finance & strategy topics and due diligence. He left McKinsey in 2020 to found an interactive business learning platform called Skill Range. Ted works as an independent consultant and is looking to […]


Storytelling may be a current buzzword but that doesn’t belittle the efficacy of telling a good story. Andrew McKee shares his company’s approach to spinning a good yarn for a slide deck. Biotech’s flameout,” “bloodbath,” “thousands of layoffs.” We’ve all heard it, and we’re in it. Whether you’re at a company looking to build alignment […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Austin Riggs. Austin describes his practice : I am a strategy consultant with over 10 years strategy and operations experience. In addition to my expertise in growth strategy, M&A, and strategic planning, I have deep experience in new business launches and social innovation. My industry expertise covers financial services, technology, […]

Stephen Wunker shares an article published in Forbes that explains how a company researching dementia found an innovative approach that yields insightful results. Dementia can be devastating for people and families. One of the most dreaded medical conditions is, sadly, also one of the most common, with more than 10% of US adults over age […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Jan Starrsjö with Jan Starrsjö Advisory. Jan Starrsjö spent 7 years with McKinsey in the Scandinavian office and 1 year in Los Angeles, CA, USA. The work included corporate strategy, profit improvement programs, sales effectiveness, and product development. Since then, Jan has spent 23 years with PostNord holding senior executive […]


Barry Horwitz explains how to improve team communication, relationship, and productivity. Have you heard about the “Two Pizza Rule?” It was introduced by Jeff Bezos in the early days of Amazon. The idea: every internal team should be small enough that it can be fed with just two pizzas. Beyond that, Bezos believed, the group […]

Shelli Baltman shares an article on exploring how to unlock the creative potential of the next generation of innovators. Our mission at The Idea Suite is to unlock the creative potential of people and businesses through innovation – but that mission goes beyond just business, and the day to day work of our company. We […]


Geoff Wilson shares an evergreen article and a sharp reminder on the problem of rolling out an uninspiring strategic plan and what you can do about it.  The possibilities are endless.  Some might say that the sole purpose is to “enhance shareholder value.”  I’d argue that this old trope is no longer the gold standard.  […]

Robyn Bolton shares an article designed to identify the business you’re in. What business are you in?” How do you answer this all-too-common question? Do you name the company you work for? The industry you’re in? The function you perform? Bad news, your business isn’t defined by the company, the industry, and even your function. […]