Tirrell Payton explains why the best product managers delete more features than they add. The product was falling under its own weight. It was bloated and didn’t really solve a key problem for the customer. I talked to the lead product manager about some of the issues with the product, and he relayed that the […]


Ushma Pandya shares a post from her company’s blog on what NYC schools are doing to move towards zero waste and what businesses can learn from them. Tens of thousands of people representing many industries and sectors gathered for COP26 in Glasgow this fall 2021 to determine what it would take to accelerate climate action. […]


1. Excellent example of a concise, deeply informative industry overview: “Why is the Nuclear Power Stagnant” by Austin Vernon. 2. After I shared a link to VesselFinder last week, Jeff Christiansen pointed me to LeoLab’s low earth orbit space debris tracker. So cool. 3. Great list of free / low cost design resources. 4. Just […]

Usman A. Ghani provides a downloadable PDF on relaunching your business in a post COVID economy. To successfully relaunch your business in the  Post-­‐‑Covid-­‐‑19 economies,  you need real answers to questions such as those below. To thrive in the emerging business environment, you must implement feasible, proactive, and timely solutions for your specific recovery goals. […]

Zaheera Soomar shares an article on organizational change and the factors to consider as remote work becomes the norm. The status quo of how people in organizations work has been rapidly changing over the past couple of years with virtual and remote work becoming more common. Some of this has been driven by new generation […]


Tanya Khotin provides insight into the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through better land-use practices.   Land use activity contributes approximately 24% of all global greenhouse emissions or more than 10 Gigaton. New ground-breaking research by the @Inevitable Policy Response (IPR) shows that not only will we reduce these emissions without much sacrifice, but we will […]


Tobias Baer shares an article on credit risk and the perils of the buy-now-pay-later trend. A just-published TransUnion study shows that buy-now-pay-later (BNPL) takes the UK (just as other markets) by storm, with 35% of the population having used it in the past 12 months (driven in particular by Gen Z and Millennials with up […]


22 Business development ideas for 2022 1. Craft a memorable fishing line. Video. 2. Identify your core network. Podcast. 3. Make your LinkedIn profile a client magnet. Podcast and template. 4. Create a project list. Podcast and template and sample.. 5. Create a portfolio of sanitized sample work. Podcast. 6. Avoid common resume mistakes made by independent consultants. Podcast. 7. Start a newsletter. Podcast. 8. Start a […]

A six-minute read from Kaihan Krippendorff on how to be more influential at work.  Whether you’re trying to get your dream job, convince your boss to give you more responsibility, get your colleagues excited about your idea, get neighbors to vote for your proposal, or simply persuade family members to consider somewhere new for vacation, […]

David A. Fields shares a consulting checklist that identifies how to elevate your practice.  You run a great consulting firm. You can point to glowing testimonials and clients who stick with your consulting firm like fluffernutter pasted to the roof of a six year-old’s mouth. And while you originally found your consulting firm’s tagline on […]

Nora Ghaoui explains why there are benefits to being on the outside looking in.  When you’re trying to tackle a business challenge, what you can solve and how you can solve it depends on the position that you are in, not on the skills that you have. As I have switched roles between management and […]


Subtraction can also be powerful, and is often overlooked. What’s one thing you will leave behind and do less of (or quit entirely) in 2022?