In this article, Tobias Baer raises a red flag on inflation drivers and where and why they could escalate. My colleagues already have observed 20 years ago that I am a worry wart. So some of you won’t be surprised that I have been worrying about inflation for more than a year now. But the […]

Tirrell Payton shares an evergreen article that explains why fewer features are better in product design and how product managers can guide the development in the right direction. The product was falling under its own weight. It was bloated and didn’t really solve a key problem for the customer. I talked to the lead product […]

In this article Stephen Redwood explains how to increase the strategic value of the HR department. If there is one thing that has been a constant over my years in HR and decades as a consultant, it has been the sense that the HR function is too often a supplicant to other functions and lacks […]

In this article, Tineke Keesmaat shares advice from top-tier consultants for all managers who are leading a hybrid team. TILTCO held a series of roundtable discussions in January and February 2021. Attended by business leaders, consultants, academics and experts, the discussions gathered insights and practical ideas to help leaders reimagine their organizations as we emerge […]

Priyanka Ghosh shares a case study on helping a startup CEO on the path to growth. A founder faces a unique set of challenges as he transitions from selling a prototype to a few innovative clients to selling a standardized product to the mass market. The expectations on product quality, service responsiveness, compliance, supply chain […]

Mark Ledden shares the first installment of this three-part series of articles describing Kenning’s 3D Culture Process. To help our clients get smarter and more intentional about their cultures, we’ve developed a proprietary methodology called 3D Culture. It’s a robust yet efficient 3-step process (Diagnose, Design, and Develop) for evaluating the current state of a […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Chintan Dhanji.  Chintan is a seasoned consultant that has worked strategy consulting with Bain & Co and independently since 2014 where he has worked across the value chain to enhance organization profitability and market share in the telecoms, technology, financial services, healthcare, FMCG and agri-business industries. Prior to this, he […]

Barry Horwitz provides a post that is designed to make you rethink best practices. I often hear about companies that want to use a process of “best practices” in their planning work. This may seem like a logical place to start, however, in my mind, the best practice — especially when it comes to developing […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Jennifer Tietz with JTWE Consulting.  Jen is a freelance management consultant specializing in strategy, operations, project management and executive coaching. She started her career as a Nuclear Surface Warfare Officer in the U.S. Navy where she had many adventures over 13 years of active duty. She graduated from Tuck in […]

Kaihan Krippendorff shares an article that identifies how employees can increase their employability using the “influence formula” regardless of how unemployment rates fluctuate. In the war for talent, talent is winning. Unemployment has not been this low since 1968. Employers are paying 20% compensation premiums to hire new employees. And across nearly every industry, the […]

Ian Tidswell shares an article co-written by Ofer Levi that shares four reasons customers will accept cost increases. As China cleans up its manufacturing companies, some raw material prices are increasing or are scarce. While never easy, passing on cost increases can be done with a simple explanation, communicated clearly to sales and customers. The […]

In this article, Andrew Seay identifies common problems that arrest supply chain efficiency. At some point or another, every company will struggle to manage its supply chain.  As sales volumes grow, companies face delivery issues with suppliers, customer expectations seem to increase almost daily and new, high-volume orders bring in much-welcomed revenue, but often add […]