Umbrex is pleased to welcome Scott David Garson. Scott was a Digital Specialist in the digital practice at McKinsey for five years. He worked across several industries, including mining, oil & gas, banking, and insurance. He particularly enjoyed building Agile and Digital capabilities for clients. Prior to McKinsey, he was a freelance developer, and had […]

John Sturdivant shares the unfortunate costs of lost revenue due to the post-lunch slump. You’ve probably joked about a post-lunch food coma, but it’s really not funny when you realize it might be costing your team $75k per year, or more if you’re a larger enterprise. We looked at a sample of ~20k data points […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Kaare Damgaard with KD&Co ApS. A summary of Kaare’s  experience follows: “Internationally experienced strategy and M&A advisor with 18 years of experience advising clients on strategic issues in relation to growth/market strategy, business development, deals, and major transformations. Background from A.P. Møller – Maersk, Strategy& / PwC, KPMG, NNIT A/S […]

In this article, Caroline Taich explains how to identify unique strengths to drive change. In this blog, we have been exploring the McKinsey model for change. Last week I wrote about conviction as a driver of change.  This week I’m thinking about the skills you need for change.  Here is a big one – the […]

Angela Thompson shares key insights from this year’s retail study on patterning and experiential tactics by major brands.  Of the 12 stores patterned, 4 main themes emerged: Tech-enabled, Personalization, Sustainability and Brand Immersive Tech-enabled experiences were the most distinctive yet varied widely. Checkout innovation was featured in Uniqlo with an RFID-enabled self-checkout and combining Starbucks […]

In this article, Ian Tidswell shares a key to superior B2B pricing.  Providing high quality price guidance to your sales teams as they negotiate with customers can result in measurable profit increases. It really should be a core process.  However I’ve rarely seen clear quality price guidance. Here some key questions to ask:   Why […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Wolfgang Hierse with G-SAM.  Wolfgang built his consulting experience in McKinsey’s Metals/Energy/Chemicals practice with strategy and operations projects in Germany, USA, Scandinavia and Russia. He holds a PhD in Physics. During his subsequent time at Merck he worked in leadership roles in Innovation, Strategy, Product Management, Procurement and Sustainability. Combining […]

With AI as a fast-becoming integral component of business, how should it be used and what should a company policy on using generative AI include? Geoff Wilson shares a few thoughts on the matter.  I’m going to continue this article with the same starting statement I will use with all AI articles:  I’m still learning. […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Tony Tiernan with Authentic Identity, Inc. Tony is a brand strategist with extensive international experience advising C-suite executives and other senior business leaders who are wrestling with: strategic narrative, organizational purpose, vision, mission and values, and the fusion of all of these into an authentic identity that differentiates the organization, […]

If you experience too many meetings where team members can’t move past their own opinion to move forward, this article from Steve Wunker offers a few tips that may help unstick the stuck.  Here’s an experienced consultant’s tip on how to unstick a meeting where people have gotten frozen into their positions. You need to […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Colm O’Shea. Colm has spent 15+ years in global business in consulting, strategic advisory and as practitioner. Prior to BCG he worked in strategic advisory for several years at Forrester collaborating with some of the world’s leading companies and focusing on Marketing, Digital and E-commerce, CX, Insights and Media. Industries […]

In addition to adding to stress in the workplace, hiring the wrong executive assistant can cost an organization time and money. Fortunately, Tony Zheng shares an article that can help you find the right executive assistant.  Introduction: When it comes to hiring executive assistants, crafting a well-defined job description is a crucial step in attracting […]