Umbrex is pleased to welcome Alexander Savchuk. Alexander Savchuk started his career in Bain and subsequently has been running his own Moscow based telecom&IT consulting firm. Alexander developed entry strategy to the CIS markets and/or assisted in business development for a couple of dozens of hightech firms, to name a few: MCI, AT&T, Motorola, Siemens, […]

  Luiz Zorzella shares a summarized evolution story on Open Banking.  If you are thinking your response to what is happening around Open Banking, this will provide you with some valuable historical context on how events evolved to get us where we are today: It all started with online banking. Before Open Banking, banks thought […]

  Peter Costa shares a concise article that identifies the benefits of what are generally considered to be feminine traits. There are mountains of research on the importance of diversity in building high-performing organizations. There is at least as much insight on the nature of leadership, including that there is no one “right” leadership style. […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Elias Schulze with The Africa Group.  Elias is an emerging markets entrepreneur and media strategist. Elias previously co-founded and managed Kana TV, Ethiopia’s leading television network, which was later acquired by Canal+. He formerly served as an MD for Kaymu, a Jumia Group company, operating across 17 African markets. He […]

  Paul Millerd shares his understanding of hamsternomics: printing money, the future of work, and what we want or need in life. Right now, as citizens of the United States we may become that hamster.  Near term, we don’t really have a choice.  Long term, we might have a choice. A lot of people have […]

  Supriya Prakash Sen shares an article that encourages practical, and wholly necessary, steps towards repairing our ecosystems. This young orphaned monkey looking out at us from the ravaged wasteland behind him is symbolic of the shambles we find ourselves in. However, many complain that there is still no consensus on what the Green New […]

  As we move towards the end of the pandemic and a surge in business, Geoff Wilson provides a post for leaders to help navigate the next economic journey. We are in a world of opportunity and hurt.  Demand is high, spirits (and prices) are up, and supply is constrained.  What’s a leader to do? […]

  In this post, David Edelman tackles the issue of data collection for marketers and why the customer experience will lead the way forward. With the much publicized rollout of Apple’s app transparency tracking framework, and the elimination of third-party cookies on Chrome, marketers are about to lose cherished sources of data that have long […]

  Bernie Heine shares a post that can help business owners plan an exit strategy when leaving their business to facilitate a successful succession.  The Importance of Estate Planning for Small Business Owners Of course, no one likes to think about a time when they can no longer serve an active role in their business. […]

  Aneta Key shares a 2-minute video from a series that dives into how to assess the situation.  This sequence of videos emphasizes that strategic decision-making starts with assessing the situation.  The prior video discussed “speed” as a dimension and this one focuses on another important dimension — the gravity of the decisions leaders make. […]

  Andrew Hone shares a post that highlights the reasons strategies fail and what to do to implement them successfully.  Developing the strategy is the easy part You’ve just put the finishing touches to your business strategy. You’ve spoken to customers, researched the key market segments, and projected the financials. The Board and shareholders are […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Federico Di Franco.  Federico spent six years at Bain & Co Brazil in commercial and marketing practices for consumer goods companies, airlines and automotive. He loves to create value and lead people in order to achieve their full potential and generate measurable benefits and great impact for companies and organizations. […]