Umbrex is pleased to welcome Lisa Chapello. Lisa joined Bain’s Chicago office in 2010, before becoming a product leader at Walmart and Twitter. She has practical expertise in product strategy, product operations, and “0 to 1” style efforts. She also has vertical expertise in developer platforms, e-commerce, grocery, and EBT/SNAP. As an independent consultant, Lisa […]

Davide Gronchi shares an article on how to approach risk mitigation. Whilst in the middle of a heavy and unexpected crisis, company leaders are requested to keep looking far ahead and shape the future of their company by (re-)designing the strategy and how to implement it. Current times are full of worries and threads, every […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Philippe Simon with WINNOTEK Sarl. Philippe served two years as delegate administrator on behalf of his client in a patent licensing pool addressing a European digital TV standard whereby the client owned an “essential” patent. He assists several public research organizations in technology transfers toward private industry, and facilitates maturation […]

In this article, Jessica Lackey highlights the importance of taking time out of the daily grind to remember how to be human.  I almost didn’t take my own medicine. I preach about how we humans, we aren’t machines. How we are designed for seasons of bloom and seasons of rest instead of constant productivity. How […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Jacob Lehman. Jacob began his career in McKinsey’s strategy group in 2009 and has worked in a variety of internal and external consulting roles focused primarily on customer acquisition and new market entry strategies including Voice of the Customer research across industries ranging from financial services, to education technology, to […]

Jeremy Greenberg shares a company post based on the Avenue Group Business Leader Research Series. This article identifies how U.S. company leaders work. Avenue Group Business Leader Research Series We are excited to continue our series devoted to sharing the findings from the Avenue Group Business Leader Survey. The Avenue Group Business Research Study We […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Jean-Marie Roche with JMR Savjet. Senior Executive whose outstanding international track record of success in General management, HR management (Webhelp, Bain & Company) and Strategy consulting (Bain & Company) demonstrates his dedication to results. Available for Executive Coaching, as well as Consulting and Transition Management assignments in Talent Management and HR […]


Jeffery Perry shares his views on Elon Musk’s recent acquisition of Twitter to explore the pros and cons of making a company private. The holy grail in business is participating in a bell-ringing ceremony at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) or Nasdaq, illustrating the power and prestige of being a publicly-traded company. However, quarterly […]


Patrice Gorin shares an article on the benefit of using software as a second brain. As described in my previous blog (Software as a Second Self: SaaS2), our ability to handle life in all its many facets is under constant pressure. As a result, it is becoming increasingly important for individuals and teams to find […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Michael Parrott. Michael spent 5 years in Operations and Digital at McKinsey & Company and 4 years as a generalist at Mars & Company. In industry, he had short visits at Anheuser Busch InBev and e-Xstream engineering. Michael has expertise in ‘digital transformations’ of corporate functions, having led multiple transformations […]

Porus Daruvala shares an article that explores a cyber breach analysis on human error in cyber security. Look up any cyber breach analysis and you will find that #humanerror is almost always the leading cause. See the link in the comments which gives a good overview of the different types of human error categories. Some […]


Ben Dattner co-authored this article published in the Harvard Business Review that offers insight on how to deal with an executive in the wrong role. Sometimes, executive coaching reveals that the person being coached is in the wrong role. When this becomes clear, bosses too often prematurely conclude that they have to fire the person […]