Luiz Zorzella shares an article on the growth of open banking, the factors that “repress” adoption, and possible solutions.  As you probably know, worldwide, Open Banking is one of the hottest trends in financial services.  Not only is it growing at a breakneck speed, but also its success is inspiring regulators and players in […]

  A crisis often kickstarts innovation in technology and shifts in culture. As working from home options become a more normal structure, how will this impact performance and growth? Kaihan Krippendorff takes a look at the company culture of Netflix to explore the impact of no rules rules. When we think about culture and responsibility […]

  Aneta Key was interviewed on Cloudflare’s Strategy Spotlight where they discuss how to navigate growth, change, and uncertainty to rapidly scale. How to navigate growth is a fundamental question that underpins many of my clients’ corporate priorities, though it comes in different flavors. For example, leaders address: How to chart a growth strategy, align […]

  David Burnie shares a post from his company blog on how automation in the first step of claims processing can help streamline the process.  The First Notice of Loss (FNOL) – the first step in claims processing – is one of the most crucial customer touchpoints for an insurer. Yet, for most carriers, FNOL […]

Our instinct is to want more. More clients. More friends. More trips. More subscribers. More dessert. More outbound phone calls. More square feet. More comments on our LinkedIn posts. More good habits. And there is nothing wrong with wanting more good things. The problem is that our instinct when solving problems is to do more […]

  Thomas K Hamann recently published two chapters in the book Managing Work in the Digital Economy.   New Forms of Creating Value: Platform-Enabled Gig Economy Today and in 2030 by Thomas K. Hamann & Stefan Güldenberg Abstract This chapter explains the origins and development of the so-called gig economy and it provides a typology for […]

  Xavier Lederer shares a purposeful post that offers practical steps that can be taken to maximize the efficacy of meetings when the goal is executing the priorities of a strategy. Many of us hate meetings. Many regular meetings are boring and ineffective indeed. They don’t have the right agenda (or no agenda at all), […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Erica Reischer with Dr. Reischer Coaching.  Erica is a clinical psychologist, author, and executive coach. Drawing on over 20 years of experience as a psychologist, business leader, and management consultant with McKinsey & Company, Erica partners with leaders and the organizations they serve to hone leadership skills, enhance teamwork, support […]

  Robbie Baxter shares the latest post from her Subscription Stories series. In this episode, “Freemium, Free Trial and Free Surprises with Elena Verna of Reforge. When Does It Make Sense to Give It Away, and When Doesn’t It?” In my work with subscription and membership models, one of the books that influenced me the […]

  Stephen Wunker shares a few key tips to help develop a customer experience strategy that is effective during times of crisis If the customer experience for your company hasn’t changed in the past year, you are unusual. In industry after industry, from consumer goods to B2B technology, the distancing, fear, and economic turbulence caused […]

  Sanjay Gandhi shares insight into deal terms, valuation, and the importance of understanding your exit hurdles.  We’ve seen a significant increase in founders talking to us about deal terms in the current funding environment, especially as the earliest signs of economic tightening and downrounds are starting to appear. Many ask, “How do I get […]

  Shelli Baltman shares a post from an intern at her company that gives all team leaders, bosses, and managers insight into introverted employees and how to help them integrate.  As someone who’s always been the quiet person in the room, I never could have imagined that I would end up in an organization like […]