Robyn Bolton shares an insightful article on the importance of developing psychological safety in innovation and how to foster it. “Why doesn’t anyone bring me ideas?” “Why doesn’t anyone ask questions during my meetings?” “How can I get people to challenge my ideas?” If you have asked any of these questions, you are not alone. […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Robert Molnar with Stratolytics. Robert spent 3 years at McKinsey as an analytics specialist and has over 10 years applying Data Science for business acceleration. Throughout his career Robert has consulted over a dozen global companies and had delivered tens of projects applying Machine Learning and other data driven methodologies. With […]


Duane Capuano shares a white paper that identifies the challenges of moving from business strategy to action and what to do about it. Countless association executive teams dedicate significant time and resources to strategic planning. But too often, great ideas and plans stay trapped in the notebook and are quickly moved to the back burner […]

In this article, Marja Fox explains how learning is a skill to be mastered and provides a few key tips to improve learning capabilities.  At the beginning of every new consulting project, McKinsey teams gel through an activity known as Team Learning. Among other things, each individual is asked to share their strengths, something they […]

Surbhee Grover shares a company post that dives into clean, conscious beauty products. Our view on Clean and Conscious Beauty You often hear “Clean Beauty” and “Conscious Beauty” used interchangeably.  And that’s perhaps understandable given there’s no agreed definition of the terms.  But before we dig into how we think of these two (similar but […]


Geoff Wilson shares an evergreen post that explains the issue of an uninspiring strategy. What’s the purpose of your strategic plan? The possibilities are endless.  Some might say that the sole purpose is to “enhance shareholder value.”  I’d argue that this old trope is no longer the gold standard.  Some adhere to the stakeholder model…which […]


Edgar Perez shares a video of a keynote speech he gave on how technology innovation drives business restructuring. The unprecedented pace of innovation in technology hasn’t been driven by the many waves of business restructuring companies of all sizes have attempted every time a new management fad is in vogue. Innovation can be thought of […]


In this article, Jared Simmons shares useful advice that can help you deal with difficult conversations at work. At some point in your career, you’ll be faced with the need to have a tough conversation with a colleague, boss, or team member. There are countless guides on how to master these conversations, what to do […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Nicolai Nielsen.  Nicolai is a global leadership and transformation expert, and a leading authority on developing human-centered organizations that shape the future. He was with McKinsey & Company for almost 10 years, most recently as an Associate Partner in the New York Office. He has worked with more than 30 […]

In most workplaces, there will be times when personal biases and issues clash causing workplace problems. In addition to interpersonal trust barriers, trust can be broken at an organizational or governmental level and media often creates silos that reinforce the breakdown of trust. However, there are solutions. Darryl Stickel shares a podcast where he was […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Luis Fonseca. Luis is an INSEAD MBA and former McKinsey Consultant / Partner in a boutique impact investing firm. Previously also a Brand Manager at Procter & Gamble. Currently pursuing a career as an independent consultant out of sunny Lisbon (Portugal). Luis is also a passionate Jazz drumset player and proud […]

Robert Armstrong shares an article that demonstrates how modeling and simulation tools can be used in nursing. There are a number of professional societies that impact both modeling and simulation (M&S) professionals and the healthcare M&S industry as a whole. The International Nursing Association for Clinical Simulation & Learning (INACSL) serves the largest practitioner community […]