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Ed Wiley

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Denver, CO

PhD, Stanford
McKinsey & Co

Ed Wiley is an independent consultant whose work focuses primarily on how best to leverage Generative AI for productivity benefits and product enhancement. Ed joined McKinsey (2001-2004, San Francisco office) upon completion of a PhD at Stanford, where he studied with some of the pioneers in machine learning.

Ed has worked with machine learning and data science for >20 years, building and leading the first data science and machine learning practices at companies at stages from startup to Fortune 50. An active member of the AI & data science communities, Ed regularly presents at national and international conferences and workshops. He created and led Udacity’s “Generative AI for Business Leaders” executive program, following the same format he had used for “Data Science for Business Leaders” (also with Udacity).
Ed lives with his wife Michelle in Boulder, Colorado, where he enjoys running in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Ed and Michelle have three daughters, and (as of this writing) four cats and two dogs.

Ed loves talking GenAI strategy and ops — especially now that GenAI has taken the world by storm. He advises on not only the infrastructure, human capital, and organizational supports needed to introduce GenAI into a business, but also how best to leverage the productivity opportunity that a business should expect from its GenAI investments. He loves to work with executives who may know they need AI, but aren’t sure how best to bring AI to their business, or who have made investments in AI and now need to understand how to realize GenAI efficiencies and productivity enhancements to ensure high ROI.

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