Umbrex is pleased to welcome Rodrigo Camacho. With extensive experience in management consulting with Bain & Company and Cluster Advisory, boasting a broad skill set focused on corporate strategy, procurement, strategic roadmaps, commercial excellence, and organization re-design. Has worked across diverse industries like Real Estate, Advanced Manufacturing, Consumer Goods, Renewable Energy, Agriculture, and Oil and […]

Janet Bumpas shares an article designed to improve your product vision. We all know that you want to be bold in your Product Vision. But how bold is too bold? Lenny Rachitsky highlighted four things related to this in his recent podcast with Edi Atawodi.  He believes that a Product Vision has to be: · […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Danish Dhanani. Danish is a seasoned strategy manager who loves launching / scaling new tech products that enable sustainable revenue growth and address big Climate & Social Impact challenges. Danish has spearheaded initiatives for 15+ major corporate clients, mainly focused on growing new business ventures across sectors — e.g., B2B […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Marius CJ Scholinz with PurposeBuilt Advisors. Marius was an Engagement Manager at McKinsey’s Hong Kong office from 2014 to 2019, specializing in Digital Strategy, Restructuring/Transformations and Venture Building. He went on to build and scale become, a VC-funded healthTech startup to multi-mn $ revenues across 5 countries in Southeast Asia […]

Michael Davis shares sage advice for decision makers to help them make wise decisions. Every day, each of us is faced with numerous choices. What should we do when the Bible doesn’t seem to speak directly to the situations we face and the decisions we make? What Does the Bible say about Making Decisions? The […]

Deepak Batra shares a post that identifies the negatives that may show up when goal setting. It’s the season of annual operating plans! A yearly ritual of negotiating between ambitious top-down growth aspirations and pragmatic bottoms-up punts. Often, it’s a bottom-up plan ‘goal-seeking’ to add up to a number that came top-down. Goal-setting goes a […]

In this article, Jonathan Beard offers advice for operations leaders, including six areas where they should spend more time.  When I talk with operations leaders, one of the common things I hear is “with everything going on, how do I know if I’m spending my time in the areas that are going to help us […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Mary C Falvey with Falvey Associates. Mary Falvey is a strategic advisor to early-stage and privately held companies, particularly in situations of rapid growth or requiring a strategic pivot, or restructuring. Her experience combines several years as a consultant at McKinsey, senior operating and governance positions at Citibank and a […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Salah Zalatimo with Ooblek Partners. Salah has over 20 years of experience driving transformative change through organizations – large and small. Most recently, Salah was the cofounder and CEO of Voice, a web3 social media company once hailed as the ‘Facebook-killer’. Prior to Voice, Salah served as the global chief […]

Peter Bancroft shares a company post designed to help sales leaders uncover and set clear priorities.  Whether you’ve recently taken on responsibility for a Sales function or you have been in your role for years and are trying to take a long view, it can be difficult to hone in on which initiatives will build […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Chris Tsakalakis with Trefo. Chris is a board director, consultant and advisor to technology companies who want to rapidly grow and scale. He is the former CEO of StubHub, Vivino and Kiva, which are all consumer online marketplaces. He started his career as a consultant at Bain & Company. He […]

Chandler Arnold shares a post on a new venture based on 7 “radical” beliefs, Untraditional Philanthropy. Are you frustrated with traditional philanthropy? I am, too.  I founded Untraditional Philanthropy based on 7 “radical” beliefs that really shouldn’t be radical at all. Today we are sharing Radical Belief #1. I am pretty proud of this work. […]