Umbrex is pleased to welcome Divya Agarwal. Divya spent eight years with McKinsey having started as a business analyst out of college. She is a creative, committed, and analytical partner to industry-leading clients to deliver organization turnaround of $500M+. Expert in culture and organization structure redesign, talent strategy and people analytics, and designing and delivering […]

  In this podcast,Tineke Keesmaat interviews Dr. Elsbeth Johnson who shares her ground-breaking research on how leaders and managers can achieve successful strategic change in their organizations.  Big, strategic change efforts often fail. Virtually all of them are harder than they need to be. Why is this and what can leaders do to make change […]


  Tobias Baer draws attention to the danger of selective perception becoming the norm as the use of AI in online information and marketing limits the amount of information delivered.  There is a famous psychological experiment where participants intently watch a basketball game – but when asked afterwards about the gorilla that had danced around […]


    As the year  2021 begins, the conversation on climate action and business escalates. One solution that is being explored in more depth is the circular economy. In this article, Ushma Pandya provides concrete suggestions that can help your company take part in the circular economy.  The circular economy is a trending topic these […]

  Caroline Taich shares the second installment of a two-part series on social sector partnerships.  In a recent blog post I began exploring the question of how to take social sector partnerships from good to great.  We looked at data showing that employers can increase their investment in environmental, social, and governance sustainability. I now […]

  In this post, Bernie Heine identifies what the business community has learned from the Coronavirus pandemic.  We are all learning to live by the new rules in all aspects of our existence; we also realize what we can do. For the past ten months, businesses all around the world have faced various challenges. Some […]

  Barry Horwitz shares a post to help you define and improve your business model.  According to Mark Johnson, co-founder of Innosight, a business model is simply this: “The way a business creates and delivers value for a customer while also capturing value for itself in a repeatable way.” It’s a straightforward concept, but important […]

  Robbie Kellman Baxter shares a tale from the trenches of subscription-based business success stories. In this episode, how a subscription business can become successful by focusing on subscriber outcomes.  Robbie Baxter: How did you come to run Instant Ink? Looking back, would you say it was inevitable? Or are you surprised at where you’ve […]

  In this concise but valuable post, Susan Meier explains how looking at a brand through the lens of empathy can inform and build strong brand relationship marketing strategies. Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. It’s putting yourself in their shoes. And it’s the key to good branding, because […]

  If you are thinking about building a marketing strategy for the coming year, this post from Kaihan Krippendorff’s company blog may have the direction you need. The “ultimate strategy” is explained and explored.  Is “be good” a part of your 2021 strategy? If not, you should reconsider. When I was in business school, we […]

  Christy Johnson shares the results from a panel discussion at the 2020 Project Ascendance Summit on how to foster inclusion in schools and the workplace. The panel addressed: Getting past assumptions and misperceptions about diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) Getting the best return on investment (ROI) possible with investments in DEI Taking the right […]

  Priyanka Ghosh shares a case study on the strategic alignment of leadership teams. SITUATION In the course of driving a growth program for a family-owned European industrial manufacturer, it quickly became clear that the dysfunctional leadership team was a bottleneck to progress. Although the team was composed of capable individuals with impressive track records, […]