Stephen Wunker takes strategic advice from a fashion icon to discover how his creative process could be applied to business innovation.  Backpacks and duffel bags used to be boring. When David BenDavid was a fresh graduate of the School of Visual Arts in New York in the early 2000s, the mundaneness of these items struck […]

Kaihan Krippendorff provides a reminder on the power of stories and why the narratives about your organization can shape patterns of thinking and daily behaviors within the workforce that ultimately shape the culture and business transformation.  A World Beyond Cash… Former Mastercard CEO Ajay Banga’s vision of a “world beyond cash” has resonated across a […]

Paul Millerd takes a look forward to 2025 and writes about what winning organizations will look like. I have studied organizations, people and motivation and am fascinated by the changes that have unfolded in my relatively short career. I’ll defer to Neils Bohr to qualify this entire piece: Prediction is very difficult, especially if it’s […]

In his latest podcast, CEO Campfire Chat, Rob Ristagno interviews Joseph Fung is a serial entrepreneur who has a passion for corporate social responsibility(CSR) and diversity, equity, and inclusion(DEI). Joseph Fung is a serial entrepreneur who already had a passion for CSR and DEI when he co-founded his fifth company, Uvaro. As an organization offering […]

We’ve all succumbed to the temptation of venting on social media, but in this post, Patrice Gorin’s question “who are you really talking to” may put the breaks on future online rants.  I once came across a great insight by Aristotle:  “Anybody can become angry, that is easy; but to be angry with the right […]

David A. Fields shares a few key tips to get the ball rolling for effective marketing of your consulting firm. Effective marketing will increase awareness, engagement and credibility among your consulting firm’s target audience. However, your efforts to build visibility consume considerable time and money while producing questionable results. A couple of proven, consulting firm […]

How can you make your cover email stand out for project opportunities? Will Bachman shared his top tips on how to create and deliver a professional cover email in a recent virtual event for Umbrex members. “The goal of the cover email is to get you to the Context Discussion, to get you to stand […]

As the need for change in the energy sector becomes increasingly important, Richard Stuebi provides an article that explains the difference between the microgrid and the minigrid. These days, microgrids are one of the hottest topics in the energy sector.  Capitalizing on the declining costs of many distributed energy resource (DER) options, microgrids are emerging […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Dalglish Chew. Dalglish Chew spent 5 years at McKinsey and Company’s Social, Healthcare and Public Entities (SHaPE) practice and left as an Associate Partner. At McKinsey, he focused his client service on partnering with mission-driven healthcare providers to unlock growth through strategy and operating model transformations. He has representative cross-functional experience spanning growth […]

Carlos Castelan shares a company post on greed and fear and how retailers can leverage both to step into a winning position.   Many of you have likely heard legendary investor Warren Buffett’s old adage about investing: “Be fearful when others are greedy and be greedy when others are fearful.” It is a saying that is […]

Gregory Borel shares a useful checklist for CEOs who are committed to moving towards NetZero and taking the necessary transformative steps. For Commercial Real Estate leaders, the starting point on net-zero is often the ambition: we need to be net-zero by… 2030? 2040? with some of the detailed thinking left for later.  This does not […]

As the demand for natural resources increases, Zaheera Soomar shares an always-relevant article on health, safety, and corporate responsibility in the mining industry.  I recently presented at the DRC Mining Week Digital Event on a new “modus operandi” for health and safety in mining. There was some good dialogue and I have had multiple follow […]