Umbrex is pleased to welcome Tony Zheng with OpsArmy.  Tony is a serial entrepreneur with a record of driving growth and innovation. He is the founder of OpsArmy, a talent marketplace, helping businesses hire international talent in roles like social media marketing, design, and content marketing. Previously, he was an early employee at a ventured […]

In this article, David Gross shares eight key steps to setting up an effective transformation office. Setting up the Transformation Office is an important step towards ensuring successful and sustainable change management. The Transformation Office is a dedicated team within an organization that is responsible for leading and executing change initiatives. The primary goal of […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Chris Bosworth with Bosworth Aviation Consultancy. Accomplished aviation specialist with a unique blend of experience having worked in both corporate and consultancy environments. A natural communicator who is adept at working across complex organisations of any size. An able strategist who challenges to drive clients and organisations to achieve their […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Jill Markle Hidaji with Jill Hidaji. Jill  is an HR Advisor and Organizational Coach with 15+ years experience. She enjoys working with Clients to evolve their HR functionality & systems. In addition to her years of leading HR practices as SVP at Regions Financial, HR Director at Juice Plus+ and […]

If talking about sexuality in today’s culture seems like a gender mind bender, this article from Bea Beste may help future conversations by focusing on a couple of important details, regardless of gender preferences. Talking about sex with children and young people is important in order to later develop a healthy and respectful understanding of […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Olaoluwa Adeola with Leke Services. Laolu is an experienced strategy consultant with 10+ years in automotive and mobility industry. Thrives in fast paced environments, relying on data-driven insights to solve complex problems with a customer focus. Proven record in strategic planning and driving growth. Effective communicator and collaborator with strong […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Marissa Pittard. Marissa spent 3 years at McKinsey focused on strategy, growth, and operations. She also spent a year focused on US health system innovation, with expertise in drug pricing, behavioral health, and social determinants. She has since been a successful 2X founder and now operates as an independent consultant. […]

The Facts on Carbon Capture vs Batteries  Robin Duquette shares a comprehensive article that explains why carbon capture is a cost-effective way to reach clean-power targets. Solar and wind have become the de-facto technologies for attaining 100 percent clean-power targets. But their intermittency is such that we have to store energy for many hours if […]

While (most) dogs can be trained, Jeremy Greenberg found that (many) customer service skills must be learned, often through trial and error, or, in this case, through email.  Two years ago, I adopted a very cute Cheagle (Chihuahua-Beagle mix) named Buddy. Buddy was abandoned by his owner in North Carolina and rescued by an organization […]

AI – will it mean exponential growth for humanity, or a new dark age? Wojciech Gryc explores the potential and offers three approaches to alleviate the risks.  Large language models like GPT-4, Claude, and others are ushering a new world – one where AI is available to everyone and everyone can benefit from showing an […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Michael Krone. Michael Krone has 7 years of experience in tech strategy & operations. During his 5 years with BCG, Michael was a core member of DigitalBCG (now BCG X) where he specialized in product go-to-market and digital transformation casework across industries. After BCG, Michael spent the past 2 years […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Pierre Frot as Independant Consultant. Pierre has a particular expertise and helping companies and their leaders to transform. He has a strong track records in managing international change management projects (incl. Post-Merger-Integrations), and he is a sought-after executive and executive team coach. In the last years, he was involved in […]