Here is a reframing that I’m working on this week: Instead of asking myself, “What should I do for [this person]?” I’m working on asking “What does [this person] need from me?” So instead of asking: “How can I help this client?” I’m asking “What does this client need from me?” And at home, instead […]

Peet van Biljon shares a recently published article on quantum computing in finance. There are two competing narratives on quantum computing. The first is that the technology is overhyped, still in its infancy, beset by enormous technical challenges and that full-scale, reliable quantum computers are decades away. The second is that many companies, including some […]

Anubhav Raina shares a series that presents a model for understanding how influencing works and how you can train yourself to excel at it. It combines his personal observations with the latest research in influencing. Note this is a three-part series: Intro (this article) CIF — Core Influence Framework Building Trust Convincing people Appendices Using […]

Surbhee Grover shares an interview, recently published in Thrive Global, that focuses on several aspects of her entrepreneurial journey, including a perspective on the beauty business, and insight into launching a start-up in this industry. Thank you so much for doing this with us! Before we dive in, our readers would love to learn a […]


Miklos Tomka offers a brief view on his experience when trying to hire a service provider or supplier during the pandemic. Hello all, I have had the same perplexing experience now several times. I am contacting a supplier as I would like to buy their product. I am contacting a service provider as I would […]

If you feel guilty for reading fiction, Amanda Setili’s article on how fiction books can improve leadership skills will remove guilt. Put your feet up and enjoy. I’m deep into The Expanse book series, and it never ceases to amaze me how many insights and inspirations I get from reading fiction, especially science fiction. Fiction […]


Believe it whether you want to or not, exercise can improve your performance as a leader. Jeffery Perry explains how in this article. John F. Kennedy once said, “Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.” There is […]


Here’s an exercise I’m working on right now. Make a list of activities for each of these categories: Things I am now doing that only I can do Things I am doing that I could possibly have someone else do Things I am doing that I should definitely have someone else do Things I’ve already handed off to someone else Things I’m not […]

A Dark Sky experience led Kaihan Krippendorff to ruminate on how to disrupt your industry. It’s 6:30 a.m. at the Dark Sky RV resort in Utah. I’m sitting out by the gas firepit and everyone else is asleep. The sun is rising, but it’s not one of those sudden appearances that I often see in […]


Paul Millerd shares an article that identifies the roads freelancers would be advised to avoid. Starting your own business is a secret dream of many and with the emergence of more clear paths to make money online, many knowledge workers are deciding to test the waters of self-employment and entrepreneurship.  In making such a leap […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Vijay Mehra with d2t2 LLC. Vijay has over 25 years consulting and industry experience in information technology, digital and operations.  Prior to branching out with his own LLC, he was the Digital & Technology Leader (Asia Pacific) for KKR Capstone and prior to that he was the South East Asia […]

In this article, Robbie Baxter interviews Alli Harper,  founder and owner of OurShelves, on how an e-commerce subscription can play a role in social impact. Most subscription entrepreneurs initially are attracted to the model for its predictable recurring revenue, but there are other benefits to having an ongoing relationship with members. Our guest, Alli Harper, […]