Kedar Gharpure shares themes a business leader could explore as a first step to uncover organic growth potential. Picture this – your organisation has just delivered a double digit EBITDA growth, and there are high fives all around. But as a business head you reflect on some of your customer interactions and your commercial reviews, […]

Two years have passed since Indranil Ghosh wrote this article on the public’s lack of trust in the global system. Unfortunately, the erosion of trust has continued but Indranil offers four reasons so many people are disillusioned. As the world’s political and business elites ruminate on world affairs at the Swiss ski resort of Davos, […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Peter Mungai Munene with Capital Operating Partners. Mungai has spent the last 10 years working in the management consulting space in East Africa and has been running his own consulting firm focused on growth advisory in Africa since 2020. In East Africa he has worked with KPMG East Africa’s management […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Stijn Leupe with Insight & Action. Stijn helps organizations improve their end to end performance in a data driven way. Stijn has 18 years experience in Financial Services, where he has applied data analytics in a vast set of domains, from pricing, over marketing, up till risk management. He has […]

If customer communications are a weak spot in your company, this article from Jeremy Greenberg may help improve communication and, consequently, relationships.  As business owners and leaders, we know that our customers are the lifeblood of our companies. Without them, we wouldn’t exist. When customers leave us for our competitors, express dissatisfaction, or want to […]


Susan Drumm, founder and host of The Enlightened Executive, shares a podcast on the power of music.  “Music has the power to enhance our team and personal effectiveness.  Wondering how? Certain songs have the ability to trigger powerful emotions and memories within us. By harnessing this power, we can intentionally use music to subconsciously boost […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Volker Kohl. A summar of Volker’s experience follows. “For over 20 years, I, Volker Kohl, have navigated the intricate landscape of business transformation and sales effectiveness across the Asia Pacific and beyond. My journey, marked by a blend of strategic foresight, process refinement, and change management, has led to meaningful […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome James Andrews with Andrews Advisory. A summary of James’ experience follows. “NED for National Milk Records Plc, supported corporate strategy development and implementation. Supported executive leadership team during M&A negotiations. Chair of the Strategy Committee and member of the Audit and Remuneration Committees.”  

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Sashi Dandamudi. Sashi Dandamudi has spent 6 years in the Marketing & Sales practice at McKinsey, as a Marketing Expert and Engagement Manager with a particular focus on commercial transformation and pricing. At McKinsey, he served retail, telecom, CPG, and consumer pharma clients across North America and EMEA. After leaving McKinsey, […]


In this article, David Gross shares five hallmarks of success for mergers and acquisitions.  Trillions of dollars pour into mergers and acquisitions (M&A) annually as companies seek to increase market share, reduce costs, differentiate, diversify, refocus, and capture other sources of value. Unfortunately, M&A success is the exception, not the rule. A whopping 70 to […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Maryana Dyachuk with Galiss.  Maryana honed her procurement expertise during a two-year stint at Bain, serving Fortune 500 clients and enhancing internal practices. Post-Bain, she navigated through the pandemic by founding a boutique consulting firm dedicated to operational excellence in pharma, partnering with major vaccine manufacturers. Starting as a supply […]

Improve your level of mental toughness with the tips in this article from Wojciech Gryc. In Ray Bradbury’s short story “The Long Rain”, a group of astronauts are trudging through a jungle on a planet where rain falls incessantly and aggressively. The water pours over the astronauts, and they are slowly going insane while looking […]