In this article, Serge Milman explains the high costs of adopting a tail spend category. Unmanaged Spend ≠ Spend Category. Tail Spend is not a spend category, and thus cannot be sourced effectively. Tail Spend – or more accurately, Un-managed Spend – is an aggregation of spend and vendors that typically represent 40%-60% of total […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Scott Sladecek with Clearview Consulting Group. Scott has spent the last 4+ years at at Deloitte and Bain. He has extensive project experience in large scale value creation programs across industries. He has deep expertise in several critical supply chain and operations capabilities, including: – Supply chain strategy – Strategic […]

Rob Ristagno shares a company post that explains the importance of understanding product market fit and where to find it. It’s a story we often hear on the CEO Campfire Chat podcast. A founder faces a problem in their life. They search for a solution in the marketplace, and it just doesn’t exist. Instead of […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Carlo Sanchez. Carlo is a former BCG and PwC consultant and business operator with 15+ years of experience managing strategic projects and P&Ls across various industries, with a track record of building high-performance teams, creating consensus, launching new projects and ventures, and improving business performance. He has MBA in Entrepreneurship […]

Marc Bachs Castan co-wrote this article on the compounding benefits of long-term thinking. To eat or not to eat the marshmallow, that is the question You are 4 years old. Instead of taking you to the playground like any other day, your parents take you to a building you have never been to before. You […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Jonas Reed. A former leader in Bain & Company’s Industrial & Natural Resources and Performance Improvement Practices combining ~15 yrs of management consulting with ~4 yrs of delivery in Executive- as well as Non-Executive roles. He has extensive experience partnering with Executive Teams, Boards and Investors in a broad range […]

In this article, Robyn Bolton explains why problems with innovation is often a leadership communication problem. Do you sometimes feel like you’re living in an alternate reality? If so, you’re not alone.  Most innovators feel that way at some point. After all, you see things that others don’t. Question things that seem inevitable and true. […]

Robbie Kellman Baxter shares more than a few useful resources on business development and partnership strategies in this article. Delivering on a forever promise, and maximizing an organization’s overall business potential, is often a task too big for one company. So they need partners, and new ways of doing things. But who builds out those […]

Wojciech Gryc shares an article that explores bringing physical assets onto blockchains. Most of the excitement in crypto today focuses on digital assets: governance tokens, community memberships, NFTs, and more. There’s an incredible amount of innovation here… But how do we bring physical assets onto blockchains?1 Bringing assets onto crypto and fractionalizing them is still […]

In this article, Amy Giddon identifies the connection between curiosity and courage.  “Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.” — Brené Brown We’re having trouble seeing each other these days. It’s always been hard to show up in our full complexity and contradictions, and now we have social media further tempting us […]

Gregory Borel shares a company post that outlines how to reduce energy costs.  The energy landscape is undergoing rapid transformation becoming more sustainable but increasingly complex. Meanwhile, commodity markets are becoming more volatile, resulting in record-high energy prices.  Never has it been more important for businesses to develop an energy strategy to mitigate and manage […]

Stephen Wunker shares an article that explains why Jobs to Be Done improves agile development. Agile development has become the norm in software, yet it often overlooks a key challenge – how to objectively prioritize product roadmaps. Without this, the results of agile sprints can focus on the wrong features, developed for the wrong users, […]