Belinda Li shares an older, but always relevant post that identities three important things strategic planning should accomplish in addition to the plan.  ‘It’s time for strategic planning again.’ If you’re anything like the Board members at a nonprofit where I serve as an officer, you can probably relate to the collective sighs this announcement […]

Alessandro Santo shares a post based on an Interview with Fredrik Cassel on Creandum on the connection with Spotify. We first met Spotify in spring of 2007, and later Creandum Fund II led the firm’s first venture round of funding. Ten years later we’re hearing Creandum partner Fredrik Cassel brag too much about being user […]

Anubhav Raina shares an evergreen post on building trust using the steps of supply chain management as a guide.  Trust is a vague term & people use it in different contexts. One good definition I’ve come across: “Trust is an individual’s ability to accept risk based on his or her expectations of another person’s behaviour.” […]


Bord (great name!) is a new collaborative whiteboard workspace tool designed specifically for the needs of consultants. The tool is currently free and you can register for an account here. Key use cases: 1. Multiple online users can collaboratively, in parallel create a presentation. It has good tablet / PC integration – so you can sketch a […]

A concise post on transformation from Carsten Friedrichs. “Transformation Key Success Factors number 2: If you are not among the first, you react quickly and consistently. You can’t be at the forefront of every topic. No organization can provide that much human and financial capacity. You can be very successful in the role of a […]


Greg Acton shares a podcast where he discusses problem solving and leadership with Steve Caldwell at Manager Mojo. While leadership entails guiding people in the direction of success, it also requires the ability to look at problems and seek solutions. How you frame those problems can have much to do with the solution arrived at. […]

Gaelle Lamotte shares a downloadable PDF on aligning purpose and strategy. Business performance, purpose and impact cannot be enemies. We know that aligning purpose with strategy delivers better performance and positive impact for all stakeholders: people, planet and profit. It is incumbent for organisations to embed sustainability, concepts of circularity, diversity and inclusion within their […]


“What the smartest people do on the weekend is what everyone else will do during the week in ten years.” – Chris Dixon, Partner at VC firm a16z I’m curious to know what I’ll be doing during the week ten years from now, so: What do you do on the weekend?

Duygu Cibik shares an evergreen post on customer success manager (CSM) profiles. This is another question that CEOs and other executives raise often. Clearly, desired CSM profile depends on your expectations from CSMs tied to CSM role definition. I’ve summarized my expectations in a previous post titled “What is Customer Success?” and I’ll cover the […]


Anders Corr shares an article he wrote for the Epoch Times on a closer AUKUS alliance. Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States (AUKUS) just took a huge step in the right direction toward deterring China’s aggression. On Sept. 16, President Biden announced that the United States and Britain would assist Australia in acquiring […]


Alun Thomas shares a short post on the “green steel” initiative in the UK.  The first consignment of “Green Steel” i.e., steel produced without consuming coal, just shipped to Volvo. This is one of many such initiatives  The EU is exploring extending its Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) to the steel industry, levelling the playing […]


Jeffery Perry shares a post that explores Gen Z  and their move towards financial acumen. Gen Z is no longer just children. The oldest members of Gen Z turn 25 in 2021 and are demonstrating their own attitudes about money and their financial futures. As the first generation to be completely immersed in digital technologies, […]