From his company website, Andrew Hone provides a step-by-step guide to applying top-tier strategic consulting techniques, including value creation through strategy and delivering a strategic review.  What is a strategy review? A strategy review is a process to identify new value-creating opportunities within a business. It could be about improving the performance of an existing […]

Jane Licurse shares a post and a poem designed to remind us to take time lying in the grass and contemplate the wild and precious in our lives. Harvard Business School asks graduating MBA students each year what it is they plan to do with their one wild and precious life. I remember thinking there […]

Koen Veltman shares a company post that uses metaphors to explain Holacracy governance. The Map is Not the Territory Normally, I like my coaching to be concrete — e.g., here’s what you need to ask for, here’s how you need to ask, etc. But this post, I’d like to share several orienting metaphors to help early practitioners […]

Jayanth Krishnan shares an article that explains how a tool their company developed connects departments and promotes growth. We have developed a tool that provides a common language of growth between strategy, finance, marketing, product and design teams. The tool draws upon CLV concept from marketing science, Jobs To Be Done thinking and broadly Management […]

David Gross shares an evergreen post and case study on WeWork’s accelerated IPO and how it contributed to business growth. The Startup Muse’s recent articles on WeWork Founder Adam Neumann and WeWork’s accelerated IPO got me thinking. In the WeWork story, are there indispensable reminders — i.e., reminders that apply regardless of industry, revenue, or […]

Greg Hennessy shares an article drawn from systems thinking and the pattern of behavior that leads to a success silo for the successful.  How is it that those with power seem to gain even more of it over time? And why do the disadvantaged seem to lose what little power they have, becoming increasingly reliant […]

In this article, Susan Drumm provides concrete steps on how to find, request, and secure a sponsor to help guide your career growth. I recently led a powerful workshop for some of the top women CEOs in biotech who are building up the next generation of leaders. There’s one unmistakable method to advocate for women’s […]

It’s something most of us struggle with: how to achieve a healthy balance between your work and personal lives. Award winning consultant coach Melisa Liberman shared her four-part formula to create a work-life balance with Umbrex members. Here we delve into her process, looking at: Fundamentals of Balance: What balance means. Formula of Balance: 4 […]

David Edelman shares an article that explores the marketing data’s limitations when it is applied to improving customer experience. As I work with more CMO’s who are wading into broader responsibilities for driving company-wide customer experience programs, I am finding that many are slowing down because they feel they lack good enough customer data.  As […]

Jonathan Paisner shares the first article in a series of three that highlights the symptoms, causes and cures for a broken brand. Like the proverbial frog in boiling water, companies generally don’t jump into a brand that is confusing, misaligned, antiquated or irrelevant. But left unchecked, the steady trickle of strategic shifts, shiny new technologies, […]

With new COVID strains popping up and a future that holds new and evolving viruses, Martin Pergler’s post on how epidemiologists measure the severity of a pandemic may be useful. We all look at our national and local COVID infection counts. But to really measure the pandemic’s pulse, epidemiologists monitor a number called Rt and […]

Caroline Taich shares a useful post with tactics that can help identify unique strengths. In this blog, we have been exploring the McKinsey model for change. Last week I wrote about conviction as a driver of change.  This week I’m thinking about the skills you need for change.  Here is a big one – the […]