Kedar Gharpure shares a useful post and a practical guide to help companies choose their B2B pricing tools.   We reviewed over 50 B2B pricing tools, here is what we found The B2B pricing tools landscape is getting increasingly crowded. Today, there are over 50 pricing products and solutions from the leading vendors alone. […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Sanaz von Elsner with Von Elsner Coaching. Dr. Sanaz von Elsner is a certified systemic business coach and a certified career counselor. As a coach she conducts workshops for a broad range of companies and nonprofit organizations enabling them to improve teamwork, employee personal development of their employees and workplace […]

  Robyn Bolton offers a post that illustrates a common issue in today’s workplaces. Some conversations stick with you for a long time. Some conversations take your breath away the moment they happen. A few weeks ago, I had one that did both. “Everyone is focused on ‘humanizing’ work,” my client said. “I wish people […]

  From David Burnie’s company blog, a ten-point checklist that can help make a post-merger integration successful.   For most companies, mergers do not occur regularly or recurringly, bringing with them a host of uncertainty and doubt. When two companies merge, it is a unique experience for both companies requiring a particular course of action, […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome James Wilton with  Monevate. James Wilton spent 3 years at McKinsey and Company, where he led the pricing service line at Fuel (McKinsey’s practice for startups), and recently left to found Monevate, a pricing strategy consulting firm focused on serving growth-stage companies. He has ~15 years experience in consulting roles, […]

I’m inspired by Amanda Setili, who for years (pre-COVID) organized semi-annual events in Atlanta that brought together 40+ senior executives for a panel discussion or featured speaker. During COVID she has organized a series of virtual events. A few outcomes of these events: – Amanda collected content for her first book, The Agility Advantage – […]

  Supriya Prakash Sen shares a pertinent reminder on big picture problems that we all face, and offers a solution that could be a small step in financing but a leap towards a sustainable future. In the midst of a pandemic, the past year has been chilling at best, and a nightmare at the worst […]

  Nicky Shah shares a Q&A post on Saint Aymes, a business startup that has successfully merged the worlds of art and chocolate. She interviews the two sisters behind Saint Aymes – Lois and Michela. Nicky: How old were you when you decided you would try to launch your own business?  Michela: We didn’t really […]

  Shelli Baltman shares a post from her company blog that showcases innovative products in food and packaging.  Kate Summers, Innovation Associate at The Idea Suite, highlights some innovative products that were due to be showcased at this year’s Natural Products Expo West. If you’re passionate about innovation, as we are at The Idea Suite, […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Berthold Hannes with Dr. Hannes Consulting. Berthold spent 15 years with A.T. Kearney in the Munich and Duesseldorf offices, leading A.T.Kearney’s Utility practice in Germany, Switzerland and Austria for many years. He was also a member of the European and global Utility practice leadership team. From 2006 until 2013 he […]

Umbrex member Tineke Keesmaat, Founder and CEO of TILTCO Inc., has published Succeeding in a Hybrid World: A Playbook for Leaders. The Playbook, accompanied by a three-part podcast series, provides leaders a practical framework to re-imagine, re-build, and re-boot their organizations post-pandemic in a world where there is a mix of in-person and remote work happening for […]

  Rahul Bhargava provides a post designed to help you think critically and develop better problem-solving skills, a skill that is crucially important in today’s daily deluge of news from a diverse range of sources.  Now and then, every individual comes face to face with some challenge or a problem, which requires them to make […]