In this evergreen article, Sherif El-Henaoui takes a moment to explore the ever-present problem of judging without knowledge. … they will never know. When they try, they will always learn. I watch people dislike Airbnb, Tripadvisor, Uber, Twitter, alibaba, etc.. No problem disliking something in life except when one doesn’t have any clue about it… […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Rani Hublou with Incline Strategies. Rani teams with private equity firms, venture investors, and the CEOs of their B2B SaaS portfolio companies to accelerate growth by answering the question “How will we meet and exceed next years growth goal?” * Identify, evaluate, and recommend segment growth opportunities * Lead direct […]

Anna Engstromer explains how to render Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) sourcing less complex, by engaging and participating in the process. Complex Nature Outsourcing and Offshoring. Business Process Outsourcing. Managed Services. These terms mean to move service capability out of an organization, relying on it to work and be more effective while done by others, elsewhere. […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Alexander Zumdieck. Alexander is an experienced technology consultant who helps clients to deliver business impact in the financial services and e-commerce industries. Prior to setting up his own consulting practice he was the Managing Director of the Metroaccelerator (startup innovation unit for Metro AG) and the VP Pricing for Zalando, […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Daiwei Zheng as Independent Consultant. Are you looking for an experienced problem solver who is not only strong in developing concept but also strong when it comes to implementation? Daiwei has practiced the consulting toolkit since 2012 and has worked for top strategy firms such as Strategy& and Bain & […]

David Edelman shares an article on Segment-of-One marketing and how the future of marketing will utilize AI.  A bit over 30 years ago, I published an early manifesto about the need to take Segment-of-One Marketing seriously. It was before the Internet, before smartphones, and just at the start of when advanced analytics were getting applied […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Marius Möhler as Independent Consultant. Marius loves combining his practical experience in facilitating organizational development projects with his evidence-based knowledge from his academic background to promote lasting change for clients in the private and social sector. His expertise lies in co-creatively designing large-scale transformations – and facilitating their sustainable implementation […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Nicolas E Montoya with Loring Park Consulting. A summary of Nicolas’ experience follows. “After earning his MBA from Kellogg, Nico Montoya spent three years at BCG, working primarily in the Consumer practice area. His projects ranged from strategy (portfolio strategy, growth strategy, M&A strategy) to transformation (org transformation, process transformation.) […]

In this article, Joy Fairbanks shares a few tips on measuring milestones and metrics that help monitor the progress of tough goals. How do you know that you are on track for large aggressive goals? Founders, if you are asked to set 2-3 milestones for your startup within a 6-12 month timeframe, what would they […]

Loddie Foose shares an article designed to help you dial up your leadership skills to approach, deal with, and overcome seemingly insurmountable problems in both business and life. Have you ever looked at a challenge head on and thought, “that’s huge… it’s going to knock me over”? In your mind, it may have held the […]

Marja Fox shares her expertise on building a positive and productive company culture in this blog that identifies the value of having fun at work.  Everyone hates consultants. We are the business world’s equivalent of lawyers. So, introducing yourself to a new set of clients can be a bit fraught; they already hold a host […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Doug Tracy with XformDigital. Doug spent multiple years as a Strategic IT Consultant at BCG, Accenture, and PwC, in addition, he as been a CIO reporting to the CEO at two global Fortune 500 companies. Doug also spent several years with full P&L responsibility as a Chief Operating Officer at […]