James Stranko offers an inside view of Silicon Valley and how siloed the area is from the rest of the world.  Silicon Valley is Failing At Geography Every time I arrive in California, my facial muscles relax. It’s like magic. Without having to leave the country, I feel far from the problems in the rest […]

Odin Muhlenbein shares a report he co-authored with Florian Rutsch, Katharina Wagner, and Paul Ziesche on how governments can unlock the potential of social entrepreneurs for the common good.  One year into the COVID-19 pandemic, at a time when the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) seem further out of reach, it is clear […]

Robbie Kellman Baxter shares an episode from her popular podcast series Subscription Stories. In this episode, she interviews Bryan Welch, CEO of, on how to develop your niche to grow your subscriber base. “You don’t have to be Netflix, Amazon Prime or LinkedIn to build a successful subscription model. In fact, many subscriptions make […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Robert K Armstrong with Epicural.  Bob Armstrong has 15+ years experience consulting to startups, DoD, PE firms, established healthcare market leaders, state and federal government, and Fortune 500 companies. He provides corporate outreach for, and is executive director of the Sentara Center for Simulation and Immersive Learning at Eastern Virginia Medical […]

Joy Fairbanks shares an article based on a chat with Michael Margolis on user experience research to discover your product-market fit.  How can you find your TAM and validate your product-market fit if you don’t know who your bulls eye customers are?  UX research is a way to accelerate the learning curve of startups and […]

The skill of persuasion is an important one to hone. Here we share some top strategies for building influence and persuasion. The Harvard Business Review did research that revealed the top personal — or soft — skills of successful entrepreneurs. The number one skill was persuasion. “The quality serial entrepreneurs displayed above others was persuasion, […]

Alun Thomas shares ten key thoughts on management and the business of business that are designed to help you relax into managing the work ahead. The practice of management and the business of business are far too complex to be reduced to a list of bullet points. Like any activity involving humans, there are contradictions. […]

In this article, Alex Sharpe uses the Coronavirus as an example to explain why a period of disruption offers a great opportunity to pivot. The CORONA Virus is rocking our worlds – no doubt. It is a scary time with lots of uncertainty. Fortunately, times like this cause a disruption which also means opportunity. For […]

In this article, Lars Linnekogel shares the key points of importance in the formation of a project team. In our work to date, we have been introduced to many project teams on the basis of which a project can succeed or possibly fail. The “formation of a project team” may sound simple at first, but […]

Alistair Hodgett shares an evergreen post and sage advice on how to respond to media requests. Never saying “no comment” is one of the fundamentals of media relations. But the imperative to respond to media requests can weaken your long-term position, regardless of how well you handle the individual interviews or requests for information. The […]


A simple set of prompts for a daily journaling practice: What did I do yesterday? What am I working on? What’s coming up? What am I grateful for? From Nicolas Cole. Do you have a regular journaling practice?

Soyini Coke shares an evergreen article that explains why it takes courage to move forward with ethical leadership. Ethics has been on many people’s minds lately. On day 20 of a government shutdown, we’re in a tough spot today in the US. “One of the things about ethics that is really important to understand, is […]