In this article, Luiz Zorzella explains the importance of focusing on segments and markets when building a strategy and outlines a few key steps to take when doing so.  Financial services leaders often overlook the importance of your decision regarding which segments, markets, channels, and products to focus on. One of the reasons is that, […]

Gina Abudi shares an article that outlines techniques to encourage team members and employees to accept and adopt change. Not everyone in the organization adopts change in the same way, or at the same time. We need to use a variety of techniques to engage employees in change, and ultimately get them to adopt that […]

Nicholas Beecroft shares an article that identifies 18 Positive things to come out of the Coronavirus pandemic. The COVID-19 pandemic is a catalyst that is changing the way we live and work and will reshape the world. Whilst it’s essential to be aware of the losses, fears, risks and threats, it is also our responsibility […]

Gerardo Alvarez-Franyutti shares a conversation he had with ChatGPT about Salvador Dali that reveals the software’s “thoughts” on creative genius. The following are excerpts from my conversation with ChatGPT regarding Salvador Dali’s genius: GAF: Salvador Dalí, the enigmatic genius, captivated the art world. Can you tell me a little bit about him? ChatGPT: Salvador Dalí […]

Davina Stanley explains why AI is not yet a match for human insight and the limitations of using AI when writing.  There is much talk about how artificial intelligence (AI) can write for us. Nikki Gemmell wrote in The Australian newspaper that ‘We scribblers and hacks are staring at the abyss in terms of the […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Davina Stanley with That’s Clear Pty.  A summary of Davina’s experience follows “I have had the pleasure of helping smart people all over the world to clarify and communicate complex ideas for the past 25+ years. I first learned about structured thinking when working at McKinsey in Hong Kong in the […]

In this article, Marc Bachs Castan explores the concept, function, and future of money. This is the lesson I wish I had been taught on my first day at university. I studied Economics and, ironically, we never discussed what money is. Instead, we just assumed for everything we did for the next 4 years that […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Armanbay Jubaev with Growth Initiatives Consulting. Armanbay is an ex-McKinsey and leads his own boutique consulting firm that specialises in strategy and improvement. Armanbay has delivered over fifty projects to clients in mining, energy, oil&gas, green technology, chemicals, agribusiness, logistics and other industries. He built a team of experts with […]

Tobias Baer explores a new skill that AI is developing and the growing ability of AI to steer humans by evoking strong emotional reactions.  There is life beyond #ChatGPT – and this post definitely is about something else. Namely, I want to draw your attention to something much bigger that is developing in the world […]

In this article, Shelli Baltman and co-founder Fiona Stevenson share what they’ve learned about virtual ideation during the pandemic, and explore how you can make it work for your team. Congratulations!  If you’ve successfully transitioned from office-based working to a work-from-home model, you’re already an absolute champion!  Many of us talk about pandemic fatigue as […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Chris Hillyer with HC Advisory.  Chris is a Founder & Managing Director at HC Advisory based in Toronto, Canada. With his extensive experience in mergers & acquisitions, digital transformations and machine learning, Chris helps CEOs and boards of directors navigate complex business challenges and drive growth. Previously, Chris was Head […]

Robbie Baxter shares  a summarized chapter from her forthcoming book The Forever Transaction, which explores the obstacles and strategies of building and growing a subscription business. Any business that has been around for two centuries knows something about adapting to changing marketing conditions. Bonnier AB is a private-held Swedish media company that was founded in […]