Susan Drumm shares the latest episode from her podcast series, The Enlightened Executive. In this episode, she interviews CEO Ben Lytle on the Fourth Industrial Revolution.  The Fourth Industrial Revolution is coming, bringing technological advancements we can’t imagine. How can you prepare yourself to stay ahead in this ever-changing digital world? Ben Lytle is a […]

Geoff Wilson compares the pros and cons of framing success as a goal or as a system.  Much is said about whether success is better framed as a goal or as a system…I think it’s both, but at different times. Have you ever had a question posed to you that made you think more than […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Ali Reza with Pier 70 LLC.  Ali is a private equity operating partner with experience at KKR and TPG, where he led transformational change for portfolio companies in retail, consumer, health care and industrial goods sectors. He has also held general management roles with P&L responsibility, such as COO for […]

Christy Johnson shares a professional development post that provides ten useful links to online courses. As organizations and individuals begin a new chapter of remote work today, this workshop series provides a solid foundation amidst an uncertain time. At Artemis Connection, our team has spent thousands of hours working remotely with clients across the world. […]

In this article, Luiz Zorzella explains how understanding the net interest margins will better inform your business strategy.   If you are a bank executive and want to manage the bank’s business strategically, you must understand the key drivers of your bank’s profitability and the trade-offs they imply. For example, to some extent, banks can trade […]

Stephen Wunker shares an article that explores team alignment and employee management as the new remote and hybrid work options become an expected norm in the business world.  With remote and hybrid work options apparently here to stay, how are companies balancing their employees’ desires for greater autonomy with the need to maintain cohesion and […]

James Black shares an article on structuring tests to learn from marketing performance. As your marketing shifts from planning to execution, it’s important to structure tests to understand how well your marketing is performing, and to learn from it.  While the old adage “Half of my marketing isn’t working, I just don‘t know which half” […]

Brittany Blackamore shares an always relevant post on how to ace an interview.  Ready or not, recruiting season is here. For many candidates, this means they face the dreaded case interview. I remember the first time I attempted a case interview. I was in a case workshop at UCLA Anderson, and we were told to […]

In this Change Out Loud podcast, Aneta Key talks about engaging stakeholders.  Thank you to the Change Out Loud team for inviting me as a guest on their awesome podcast! Host Kara Sundar and I covered several topics in this 30-minute episode.  Find it on your favorite podcast platform and play along as you listen!” […]

Ramesh Subramanian takes a look forward to a future where machine learning is automated. Turns out, quite a lot.  This started with the anxiety shared by some co-workers a while ago that the world will end when robots start making robots. And I just happened to hear about auto-ML, the process of automating machine learning. […]

Stephanie Hsu shares an article that explores the issue Asian American Pacific Islander non-profits (AAPI) face when trying to access stable funding.  This  past spring, we were in Chinatown San Francisco visiting low-income  Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) youth who live in 150 square foot tenements with their families, sharing bathrooms and a kitchen with […]

Bob Armstrong shares a post on Goodhart’s Law and why statistics are not always a solid foundation to count on. Goodhart’s Law is named for Charles Goodhart, a British economist who in 1975 popularized the idea that Any observed statistical regularity will tend to collapse once pressure is placed upon it for control purposes. I […]