Thanks to Umbrex member Robyn Bolton for this tech tip: Krisp provides “awesome noise canceling for Zoom calls.  The free version only gives 240 minutes per week which is plenty for me but other may need more depending on their environs and whether or not they use headphones.”


In this article, Barry Horwitz offers valuable insight into pricing.  Pricing. It’s one of the most important elements of any business value proposition. And yet, it’s a topic that many struggle with. That’s because setting the right price is about much more than simply setting price higher than costs or mimicking the actions of competitors. […]


In this article, Susan Hamilton Meier interviews Ray Griffith on his source of creativity, his inspirational workspace, and what helps him be productive. What do you do for work? When I was a kid, I used to say to my parents all the time, I’m going to be a jeweler when I grow up. I […]

Wojciech Gryc shares an article that explains how to bring assets onto blockchain from both a legal and logistical perspective.  Most of the excitement in crypto today focuses on digital assets: governance tokens, community memberships, NFTs, and more. There’s an incredible amount of innovation here… But how do we bring physical assets onto blockchains?1 Bringing […]

As the year’s end approaches, Ximena Jimenez shares a timely post on how to transform the year-end budgeting process into an additional opportunity. Year end is, undoubtedly, the moment which most of us choose to reflect on the past and think about the future. I do not know why, but it seems we need a […]

Xavier Lederer explains how to grow your company by focusing on your customers.   You are not competing directly against your competitors, you are competing to be unique in the marketplace. What does your most valuable prospect look like? “Probably a lot like your existing valuable customers. The easiest and most profitable growth will be achieved […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome David Madukauwa-David.  David, previously a generalist at BCG, recently kicked off his own consulting firm focused on corporate strategy/M&A in healthcare. Prior to BCG, he was an engineer and researcher, working at Georgia Tech, IFSTTAR, CEA, and Airbus among others. David has deep expertise in new product development within medical […]

In this article, Robyn Bolton guides the pursuit of innovation through various storms. Everyone knows about brainstorms but did you know there are three other types of storms that can blow you to your innovation destination? Questionstorms First introduced in The Innovator’s DNA, these storms happen at the start of an innovation effort and seek […]


James Black shares timeless marketing advice that identifies the role and benefits of testing. As your marketing shifts from planning to execution, it’s important to structure tests to understand how well your marketing is performing, and to learn from it.  While the old adage “Half of my marketing isn’t working, I just don‘t know which […]

Rahul Bhargava shares key tips on how to improve your notetaking and increase the efficacy of your notes. Want to make notes that do not get lost with million others. Start to make smart notes. What is that? Learn all about note-taking for professionals. Opt for a strategy that works and builds a strong knowledge […]


Mark Ledden gets to grips with problematic behavior and how to deal with it, and he shares these insights in this post.  While Kenning coaches do sometimes help our clients learn how to invent and adopt entirely new behavior patterns, we often are asked to help our clients bring behaviors they already exhibit in one […]


Loom is a great tool to quickly record a short video of both your screen and you talking on the webcam. To send a message to a colleague or client when you aren’t able to connect live on a Zoom or Teams meeting, or to document a process.