In this article, Amy Giddon identifies the connection between curiosity and courage.  “Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.” — Brené Brown We’re having trouble seeing each other these days. It’s always been hard to show up in our full complexity and contradictions, and now we have social media further tempting us […]

Gregory Borel shares a company post that outlines how to reduce energy costs.  The energy landscape is undergoing rapid transformation becoming more sustainable but increasingly complex. Meanwhile, commodity markets are becoming more volatile, resulting in record-high energy prices.  Never has it been more important for businesses to develop an energy strategy to mitigate and manage […]

Stephen Wunker shares an article that explains why Jobs to Be Done improves agile development. Agile development has become the norm in software, yet it often overlooks a key challenge – how to objectively prioritize product roadmaps. Without this, the results of agile sprints can focus on the wrong features, developed for the wrong users, […]

Mason Adair shares an article on the benefits of moving outside of clearly defined roles.  When talented design, marketing and product people collaborate, great things can happen. However, especially in newly formed teams, significant overlap in these roles can leave teams mired in the question of ‘who does what’? Left unanswered, this question can lead […]

In this article, Joydip Gupta identifies the one thing that consistently separates winners from losers in consumer startups. Most of you know the usual must-have’s in a startup business plan. Market must be big, product should solve a real pain point, scalable idea, strong leadership team, solid execution, and so on. No, these are not […]

In this article Kedar Gharpure shares key steps to develop value-based pricing.  You have likely read articles about Value-Based Pricing (VBP) – after all, the concept has been around for several decades. However, our review of over 50 VBP articles from the top search results highlight that a) there is very little VBP literature geared […]

Jeffery Perry shares an article on the mutual benefits of mentor-mentee relationships. Throughout the career development journey for most professionals, the value of having a mentor as a guiding light, advisor, and counselor has been regularly noted. Most mentors also highlight the personal satisfaction they receive from playing this role in the lives of others. […]

Tineke Keesmaat exposes the myth of the change management unicorn and replaces it with practical steps. Imagine this scenario. Ambitious leader. Countless dollars and hours invested into creating an exciting new strategy. Lots of team members to rally. An awesome launch. And then, wait for it, nothing. Ok, maybe not nothing, but definitely not knock-your-socks […]

In this article, Joy Fairbanks shares a conversation with Michael Michael Margolis, UX Research Partner at GV (Google Ventures), on using UX research to mitigate risk on new ventures. How can you find your TAM and validate your product-market fit if you don’t know who your bulls eye customers are?  UX research is a way […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Nabil Latif. With over 12 years of advising global companies, Nabil has a demonstrated track record in planning and delivering large-scale, complex transformations averaging a value of over $100 million. His expertise lies in end-to-end digital and technology-driven business strategies, from current state analysis to business case formulation and implementation […]

In this article, David Edelman explores a few AI tools that can be used fon an AI strategy to scale segment-of-one marketing. Champion versus challenger has been the basis for finding lift and proving marketing value for decades. But we are way past the slower, high-cost operations needed to test direct mail pieces or even […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Julie Nelson wih JBN Advisors. A veteran of BCG, McKinsey and PepsiCo, Julie Nelson has deep expertise building Operations strategies to enable growth via efficient, flexible capacity and labor models. She also has extensive experience building productivity plans that deliver competitive cost advantage while supporting strategic initiatives, including automation, digital […]