Aneta Key shares an article designed to help you plan your off-site leadership event. This blog post is a part of a larger Facilitation collection that explores the various aspects of crafting and leading successful corporate events. Part I of the Leadership Off-Site 101 series offers a basic background on the anatomy of leadership off-site […]


Greg Acton shares an evergreen post on setting your goals in leadership to ensure effective, and not merely expected, results. The capstone ROTC class is titled, simply, “Leadership.”  Mine was taught in 1998 by CAPT J.A. Fischbeck, a nuclear-trained former skipper of the USS La Jolla (SSN 701) and later the director of the Navy’s […]

Zaheera Soomar shares an article that explains how individuals and minorities can affect the decision-making process when seeking employment. I came across a few Linked in posts about candidate experiences and organizations requests in recruitment. I read through the comments to see how others felt and it didn’t leave me feeling comfortable. I tried to […]

Every year climate action gains traction in the acknowledgement of urgency and dire need, and, thankfully, many businesses are taking action. To help more business leaders move in a sustainable, and profitable, direction Jennifer Hartz shares how to get ESG right in this article. “In the previous Hartz & Minds issue, we defined ESG, explained […]

Sindhu Kutty contributed to this article that shares fifteen best tactics for businesses that want to find a solution to problem areas of running a business. Running a business remains one of the most exhausting and rewarding ventures a person can undertake. As they navigate the challenges and opportunities of entrepreneurship, it’s important for business […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Oscar Martinez with Whale’s Tail. Oscar brings two decades of corporate finance and operations experience to his clients. He served as CFO of two publicly traded companies and executed two IPOs. Oscar currently serves as a fractional CFO to privately held companies looking to accelerate their growth or prepare to […]


In this article, Paul Millerd explains why working at McKinsey changed how he thought about organizations, culture, values and the idea of “high performance”. Driving to work that day I was filled with excitement. It was not a feeling I had associated with work in the past.As I drove into the parking garage, I still […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Elias Mazzawi with 4H-2D. Formerly a consultant at a leading global strategy house and senior executive at multi-nationals and mid-size organisations internationally, Elias is a highly experienced interim specialist in integration and growth across multi-OpCo businesses. With a depth of leadership and programme experience at the point of M&A and at […]

In this article, Luiz Zorzella explains how a skillful strategy identifies profitable areas. Financial services leaders often overlook the importance of your decision regarding which segments, markets, channels, and products to focus on. One of the reasons is that, while money moves freely, the effort to build channels, brands, products, trust, relationships, and physical infrastructure, […]

Darryl Stickel shares an article that explores building trust in a hostile environment. Amid the smoke and rubble of destroyed buildings stand a defiant Ukrainian people.  They are determined to protect their homeland from Russian invaders.  The Russians have more weapons, equipment, and trained soldiers.  But, within the borders of Ukraine, the Russians don’t have […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Bart Welch with Welch Executive Services. Bart joined McKinsey & Co as a Business Analyst in 2006 and spent the better part of a decade with the Firm. He served primarily Travel & Hospitality clients on a variety of commercial topics including deep focus on Loyalty, Pricing & Revenue Management, […]

This article from Alex Miller highlights leaders’ views on customer value, fostering innovation, and building agility. Four out of 10 CEOS surveyed in our 2016 CEO Outlook report anticipate that their companies will undergo significant transformation over the next three years. To support their approach to transformation, the CEOs indicated that they are building their […]