Indranil Ghosh shares an article and podcast from his newsletter that focuses on the racial wealth gap.  This weekly newsletter looks at issues relating to the Global Economic Transition that will play out over the coming 20-30 years (see my April 13 introductory article on LinkedIn for additional context). This week we are focused on […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Marc Rahlves with Rahlves Management Consulting Group. Marc was a Manager at Bain & Co for almost a decade working in consumer goods, financial services, automotive, telecom, and private equity across the globe. As a Principal for The Bridgespan Group he advised foundations and nonprofit organizations. For the last two […]

James Black shares an evergreen article on brand positioning, developing marketing ideas, and choosing a marketing plan. This fall I had the opportunity to teach Marketing Campaigns: Strategy and Execution in a Masters in Integrated Marketing Program at NYU. It was a unique opportunity to step into the classroom and teach and, in so doing, […]

As independent consultants, we want to connect with people and influence them in a positive way for the changes we want them to make. The question is, how best to do that? One powerful answer is to use storytelling. Edwina Pike, the creator of “Irrational Change,” has some insightful methods to share on the power of […]

Rahul Bhargava shares an article on the benefits of scenario planning to mitigate risk and combat uncertainties. Scenario Planning has almost become a prerequisite for companies to combat any or all future uncertainties— or more conveniently; a risk mitigating device to be precise which is by and large used by organisations to avoid perilous situations […]

Geoff Wilson shares an article that identifies the key components of success when planning and executing business strategies. Relying on unidentified heroics is great for movies, but bad for business strategy. This article contains a spoiler for the 1977 movie “Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope”. If you’ve never seen it, you’ve missed an […]

Caroline Taich shares an evergreen post on how to become a confident leader. Dave was one of my first clients as a management consultant. He was in a rotational leadership program at the regional utility. He became the leader of procurement for the construction services category overnight – without any training or preparation. My job […]

Anders Corr shares an article published in the Epoch Times that sounds the alarm bell on the escalating debt owed to China. One of the many threats to America from China runs through Sri Lanka. In that South Asian country, there are ongoing food riots. Sri Lanka owes so much to Beijing that it had […]

“I like the idea of independent consulting, but I’m just too risk averse for that path.” I’ve begun responding: “So you are more comfortable investing all your working hours in a single company. Do you invest all of your financial assets in the stock of a single company?” Of course the answer is always: “Oh, […]

Robyn Bolton shares an article that explores whether staff resignations help or hinder innovation within the company. The Great Resignation is real. At the start of 2021, 40% of employees thought about quitting. Between April and September, more than 24MM turned those thoughts into action. You don’t want your people to be in either of […]

Gregory Borel shares a company post that highlights the financial and environmental benefits of Net Zero investments. In our previous blog, we recommended a business transformation approach to Net Zero, starting with a clear strategic rationale. The business case is a key foundation of that rationale, and an opportunity to look at Net Zero expenditure […]

Robbie Kellman Baxter shares an episode from her podcast series, Subscription Stories. In this episode, she interviews Joanna Strober of Midi Health to discuss how health care fits into the subscription business model. My final guest of Season Three, Joanna Strober, was the very first guest on the Subscription Stories podcast. Back then, we were […]