Jacob Lehman shares an article on efficiency versus memorability and why context is vitally important in communicating ideas quickly. In fast-paced, demanding work environments, there’s a lot of pressure to communicate concisely (and even quickly). While I certainly wouldn’t argue for wasting time or monopolizing the time of our colleagues (or customers), I believe that […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Amy Cardillo. Amy is a retail and consumer professional with leadership experience at high-growth e-commerce marketplaces (Minted, Wayfair). She specializes in product strategy, go-to-market planning and operational enablement. Previously, she was a consultant at the Boston Consulting Group’s Dallas office. She now lives in the Boston metro area with her husband […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Claire de Weerdt with de Weerdt Consulting. Claire is a former McKinsey Consultant and has been running her consulting company, de Weerdt Consulting Inc, for the past year with a focus primarily in strategy and market research. Prior to McKinsey, Claire obtained her MBA from the University of British Columbia and […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Marie-Pierre Schickel as Independent Consultant. Marie-Pierre describes her practice: I have worked in Strategy Consulting for Bain & Co, then Marketing & Brand Management, Post-Graduate Design Education and more recently within the ecosystem of Italian Innovative Start-Ups. With a Graduate degree in Economics from ESSEC Business School and a Master in […]


Gregory Hennessy shares an evergreen article on the structure of power and how it is affected by systems thinking. How is it that those with power seem to gain even more of it over time? And why do the disadvantaged seem to lose what little power they have, becoming increasingly reliant on those in positions […]

In this article, Guillermo Herbozo explains why the goal of sales supervisors is often forgotten. Sales supervisors spend less than 20% of their time developing the skills of their team members. Even worse, the quality of the time invested is not ideal. Absence of a strong dedicated coach is perhaps the largest cause of failure […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Marcus Sandberg. Executive with strong experience from top-tier management consulting Bain & Company and corporate executive roles in media and technology. Deep experience from strategy development and execution across a range of industries and situations, combined with very strong Private Equity experience across the full deal cycle (due diligence, operational […]


David Gross shares an article designed to help improve the success of a merger and acquisition transaction. Trillions of dollars pour into mergers and acquisitions (M&A) annually as companies seek to increase market share, reduce costs, differentiate, diversify, refocus, and capture other sources of value. Unfortunately, M&A success is the exception, not the rule. A […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Lisa Chapello. Lisa joined Bain’s Chicago office in 2010, before becoming a product leader at Walmart and Twitter. She has practical expertise in product strategy, product operations, and “0 to 1” style efforts. She also has vertical expertise in developer platforms, e-commerce, grocery, and EBT/SNAP. As an independent consultant, Lisa […]

Davide Gronchi shares an article on how to approach risk mitigation. Whilst in the middle of a heavy and unexpected crisis, company leaders are requested to keep looking far ahead and shape the future of their company by (re-)designing the strategy and how to implement it. Current times are full of worries and threads, every […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Philippe Simon with WINNOTEK Sarl. Philippe served two years as delegate administrator on behalf of his client in a patent licensing pool addressing a European digital TV standard whereby the client owned an “essential” patent. He assists several public research organizations in technology transfers toward private industry, and facilitates maturation […]

In this article, Jessica Lackey highlights the importance of taking time out of the daily grind to remember how to be human.  I almost didn’t take my own medicine. I preach about how we humans, we aren’t machines. How we are designed for seasons of bloom and seasons of rest instead of constant productivity. How […]