Claire de Weerdt shares an article designed to help your company prepare for an economic recession.  How can you prepare for a possible recession? One method is to conservatively shore up reserves to mitigate risk for a worst case scenario, however, this may come at a high opportunity cost in the event of a soft […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Simon Pannatier. Simon has a track record in leading strategic projects and teams, and implementing business change transformation. As a Senior Strategy Consultant, he has delivered shareholder value for Fortune 500 in South-East Asia and Europe for over six years (BCG, independent consultant). Before BCG, Simon held managing positions at […]

In this evergreen article, Anders Corr explores the relationship between China and Canada. Canada is in an uproar. On Saturday, the New York Times called Canadian concerns about China’s election interference a “political firestorm.” The storm is from intelligence leaked to multiple Canadian reporters and authors over the past few years from Canadian security sources. […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Bill Hauschen. Bill has 15+ years of marketing and strategy experience, with a focus on how to use data to drive better marketing decision-making and performance. Bill started his career with McKinsey & Company, where he left as an Engagement Manager. He worked with clients in numerous industries, with a […]

In this article, Natalie Ceeney identifies a few reasons why transformation efforts fail.  …or why large organisations find transformation so hard Anyone in business knows that ‘change’ is a fact of life. ‘Change management’ is taught on every leadership course, and we all know the essentials of good ‘change management’ (clear vision, over communicate, create […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Bianca Bozzone with Bozzone & Associates. Bianca spent a decade at a family office, developing and managing the strategy and portfolio contributing to inclusive and sustainable solutions and innovations across sectors. She has been managing her own consulting practice since 2019 and is passionate about partnering with clients to develop […]

Carlos Castelan shares an article that looks forward at how omnichannel fulfillment continues to be an imperative for retailers.  Omnichannel fulfillment remains an imperative  for retailers that are aiming to pick up market share in the coming years. Much has been made of consumers’ return to in-person shopping post-pandemic, but digital sales remain higher across […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Gunther Gerlach with Gerlach Consulting. Gunther has over 25 years of experience in international top management consulting and C-level roles including growth strategies, transformation, restructuring, M&A, and internationalization. He has a background in multinational operational leadership and management consultancy roles. Prior to his consulting practice, Gunther was CEO of Epple […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Suren Pai with Pai Management Associates. Suren brings over twenty-five years of global experience to his consulting practice as a C-Suite executive, Board Director, and Management Consultant at Booz & Co. in the wireless, enterprise software (SaaS), tech-enabled consumer services, and healthcare industries. He brings CEO experience in public and […]

In this article shared by Duane Capuano, key thoughts on strategic planning provide a roadmap for associates to achieve success. Countless association executive teams dedicate significant time and resources to strategic planning. But too often, great ideas and plans stay trapped in the notebook and are quickly moved to the back burner – reduced in […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Tyler Thornton with Tyler Thornton Consulting. Tyler is the Principal and Founder of Tyler Thornton Consulting, LLC. Tyler most recently served as the Chief Operating Officer for a 3,400-student charter school network in Cleveland, OH and has 15 years of experience working in K-12 strategy and operations. Having begun her […]

Nils Boeffel shares an article designed to help avoid a digital disaster when developing a digital strategy.  Everyone is talking about digitalization, but many people and organizations get it wrong. To them it means throwing technology at things, hoping that they will get better. What is it really, what does it mean, and how do […]