Umbrex is pleased to welcome Armanbay Jubaev with Growth Initiatives Consulting. Armanbay is an ex-McKinsey and leads his own boutique consulting firm that specialises in strategy and improvement. Armanbay has delivered over fifty projects to clients in mining, energy, oil&gas, green technology, chemicals, agribusiness, logistics and other industries. He built a team of experts with […]

Tobias Baer explores a new skill that AI is developing and the growing ability of AI to steer humans by evoking strong emotional reactions.  There is life beyond #ChatGPT – and this post definitely is about something else. Namely, I want to draw your attention to something much bigger that is developing in the world […]

In this article, Shelli Baltman and co-founder Fiona Stevenson share what they’ve learned about virtual ideation during the pandemic, and explore how you can make it work for your team. Congratulations!  If you’ve successfully transitioned from office-based working to a work-from-home model, you’re already an absolute champion!  Many of us talk about pandemic fatigue as […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Chris Hillyer with HC Advisory.  Chris is a Founder & Managing Director at HC Advisory based in Toronto, Canada. With his extensive experience in mergers & acquisitions, digital transformations and machine learning, Chris helps CEOs and boards of directors navigate complex business challenges and drive growth. Previously, Chris was Head […]

Robbie Baxter shares  a summarized chapter from her forthcoming book The Forever Transaction, which explores the obstacles and strategies of building and growing a subscription business. Any business that has been around for two centuries knows something about adapting to changing marketing conditions. Bonnier AB is a private-held Swedish media company that was founded in […]

Bea Beste explores the sad fact that kindness is often met with skepticism in today’s Western society. Most of us get along better with kind and warm people. But what if they are “too” nice? So is caution required? What does it say about our society that some view kindness with skepticism? We all know […]

If you occasionally or frequently suffer from a lack of confidence, this article by Zawah Jameel and Rahul Bhargava shares advice, practices, and exercises that can help you overcome crippling self-doubt. We all have experienced self-doubts, especially when it comes to undertaking significant life decisions. Whether it is the selection of a career or prospects […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Ryan Drake-Lee with RDL Economic, Strategy & Operations Consulting.  Ryan has over 20 years of business and corporate strategy experience. Ryan developed his business and economics perspectives in various roles including strategy consulting, industrial manufacturing corporate strategy with a focus on sales & marketing, digital program management in the adtech […]

James Black shares priceless insights learned from his career as an independent consultant. Seven years ago, I put up my shingle and set up an LLC to work as an independent consultant, working on growth strategies, marketing strategies, and insights for clients. During this time, I’ve learned a lot about the space, and myself, and […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Navin Sharma with Datacraft Advisors. Navin is a seasoned consultant and accomplished executive specializing in using digital technology and AI to generate top- and bottom-line value. With a vast repertoire of skills honed as Chief Commercial Services Officer at Inspire Brands and as a management consultant at BCG, Navin’s expertise lies […]

In this interview, Nils Boeffel provides insights into the application of agile methods to cope with a high degree of complexity in companies and the market environment and to develop a sustainable transformation process. Tell us a few key facts about yourself and your professional focus? I’m Nils Boeffel, and I’ve been helping companies successfully […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome James Hine with Jim Hine Consulting.  Jim is providing supply chain and procurement strategy, technology and operations consulting, primarily to Higher Education and the public sector. He retired from the University of California San Francisco in 2021, where he served as Chief Procurement Officer and Associate Vice Chancellor, building and […]