From David Burnie’s company blog, a handy post-merger integration checklist with lessons and examples from real integrations. While each post-merger integration (PMI) is different, many elements are consistent no matter the size or nature of the transaction. Checklists can guide your integration whether you are executing your first integration or face multiple integrations per year. […]

In this article published on, Diane Mulcahy shares an illuminating interview with Krystal Hicks where they discuss women in the gig economy and why companies don’t trust their employees. Krystal Hicks is the founder of JOBTALK, a company that grew out of her side gig providing talent, recruiting, and job-hunting advice to companies and […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Karen Zwiebel. Karen is a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience as a strategy consultant and business executive. While working at McKinsey & Company and as an Independent Professional, she has helped clients define, develop, grow and optimize their businesses. As an executive at several international banks, she […]

Barry Horwitz examines the broad scope of the stakeholder moniker and offers direction on  how to identify and think about them. You’ve probably heard the term “stakeholder analysis.” It’s a tool that is traditionally used for project management, often with an internally focused perspective. But the concept is also relevant for strategic planning work, factoring […]


Peter Costa offers his perspective on gender and leadership. There are mountains of research on the importance of diversity in building high-performing organizations. There is at least as much insight on the nature of leadership, including that there is no one “right” leadership style. The most effective leaders are true to themselves, their strengths, and […]

As we head into a new year and the new normal is old news, we may be thinking about who we are and how we are going to move forward. Mirko Jens Luebke’s article on reputation management provides a few signposts.  Companies invest a significant amount of time and resources in creating and marketing brands […]

Martin Pergler shares an article on risk management that was recently published in  Why timing is everything when it comes to effective risk management In the second of our new #ChangingRisk ThinkTank series, Martin Pergler explains why timing is so important when applying risk insights to strategic decision-making. There is much discussion over how […]

Luka Repansek shares a video on Opportunity Network and how this organization facilitates business growth. Opportunity Network is helping ABN AMRO Bank N.V. to support its corporate clients as they seek to achieve more sustainable business models. Discover our Trusted Partner’s vision for commercial banking and see why they recognize Opportunity Network as playing a […]


1. What am I most avoiding right now? 2. Why am I avoiding that thing? The first question guides me to that task which should probably be my top priority. And resistance tends to weaken once exposed to the daylight of that second question. H/T: Kristine Steinberg

Jared Simmons shares an episode from his podcast, What is Innovation. In this episode, he interviews William A. Lumpkin, Head of New Products Strategy & Business Development for Alexion, Astra Zeneca Rare Disease Business Unit. Will shares how innovation works within the pharmaceutical industry and how marketing and science differs especially in commercialization. EPISODE SUMMARY […]

Rob Ristagno shares the latest podcast from the series CEO Campfire Chat. In this episode, the CEO and co-founder of Matillion shares how he moved the company focus from mining exceptional data to how the analytics could be used. When you ask Matthew Scullion, CEO and co-founder of Matillion, what his company’s vision statement is […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Robert Tas.  Robert has spent his career as Visionary Chief Growth/Marketing Officer (CMO), change catalyst and digital pioneer with a history of success leading transformations and igniting revenue growth by defining brand marketing strategies, use of data analytics and using digital as a performance weapon. His experience spans D2C e-commerce, […]