I’ve tried using a digital task manager in the past, but gave up. My list of to-dos was unorganized and became unmanageable. For the last five years, I’ve used a notebook, writing a new task list each day, by hand. I do like the physicality of the paper, but I often lose track of longer-term […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Melanie Espeland with Espeland Enterprises.  Melanie S. Espeland has over 13 years of professional experience across strategy and operations. She is the Founder of Espeland Enterprises, a boutique consulting firm.  Their services include executive voice coaching and business consulting. Melanie has consulted for businesses for 5 exciting years, utilizing her […]

  Zaheera Soomar shares an article that uses the game of monopoly to illustrate how the effects of inequality endure and impact the players.  I attended a racial equity workshop this weekend and this example was shared with me.. which I thought was hugely powerful! I have always spoken out about race, gender, discrimination and […]

  Indranil Ghosh provides part one of a two-part series on efficacy and impact of ESG investing. This article pertains to the effects of the coronavirus on ESG investing. Five years ago, many people dismissed environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) investing as a fad because it put purpose alongside profit. But today, ESG investing […]


If you – or your client – ever needs to verify that a set of emails are valid, Neverbounce is a useful tool. I recently used it to validate a list of 2,700 emails.  Simple to use. I uploaded a CSV file and within a couple minutes Neverbounce tested them all and identified 21 emails that are […]

  In this article, Supriya Prakash Sen identifies the priorities that can help put our world back together post COVID-19 and ensure we continue to survive the impending effects of climate change. Solving the Covid-19 crisis should not come at the expense of the Climate. This is a post about why we should solve for […]

  Robyn M. Bolton explains why it’s important to cultivate emotional intelligence and move out of a ‘bad neighborhood.’ ‘If you spend a lot of time in your own head, you’re spending time in a bad neighborhood.’ I was deep in a bit of worry and self-doubt when my friend uttered that sentence. Immediately, my […]

  Nils Boeffel explains what can go wrong with a digital strategy and shares tips on how to develop a successful digital strategy.  Everyone is talking about digitalization, but many people and organizations get it wrong. To them it means throwing technology at things, hoping that they will get better. What is it really, what […]

  Robbie Kellman Baxter takes a look at the Apple ONE bundling strategy to assess the pros and cons of bundling offers and partnerships from the perspective of a subscription-based business strategy.  Rumors are flying about Apple’s emerging bundling strategy. Apparently they are getting ready to launch several tiers of new bundled subscriptions, incorporating different […]


This free course launched last Friday and so far 1,874 people have signed up for it.  About four hours of video content. I went through 85% of the course videos over the weekend and highly recommend it to anyone who is – like me – new to Twitter and trying to figure out how to […]

  Tobias Baer tackles the issue of payment fraud, credit fraud, and money laundering and explains how the universal payee ID can reduce losses. He identifies how fraud schemes are enabled by and benefit from weaknesses in most banking and payment schemes around the world. One of the most amazing aspects of working in many […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Martin Wilhelm.  Martin spent over 8 years in corporate consulting before becoming an independent consultant based in Berlin. Martin gained experience from Boston Consulting Group, Stern Stewart and the in-house consultancy of Maersk in Copenhagen, Denmark. Moreover, Martin served as Head of Strategy for Europe’s leading hotel booking page trivago […]

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