As the global population continues to grow, so does the need for increased housing, and, unfortunately, depletion of resources and damage to the environment. Morten Stilling shares a white paper on the problem of CO2 emissions from the construction industry and what could be done about it. I am concerned. Temperatures are rising, and we […]

As capitalist growth moves forward at light speed, Jennifer Hartz shares an evergreen article on the importance of building communication lines and skills and strategic partnerships among private, public, and independent sectors. Nonprofit organizations and business volunteers need each other, but sometimes they speak different languages or don’t hear each other’s needs and assets. Companies […]

Darryl Stickel shares an evergreen article that is designed to help leaders build trust by examining the role that our emotions play in our decisions to trust. Both love and hate are blind. The vast majority of the existing literature on trust takes a rational actor perspective. That means the authors assume people are always […]

Nora Ghaoui shares an article that explains how to get business results from managing data science initiatives. Data science can be a valuable tool for solving business problems, but the companies that I work with make little use of data science methods. There is a sense that the discipline is a black box to be […]

David Burnie shares an article that explains how a regional bank improved customer experience by switching to intelligent automation. The Situation A Canadian regional bank wanted to reduce the back-office operations team’s labour, error, and re-work costs due to manual and paper-based processes. They knew customer satisfaction could improve when they reduced the slow response […]

Amanda Setili shares a short post on the problem of “placebo buttons” in the workplace and how to avoid using them.  Did you know that many “walk” buttons at intersections actually do nothing? Not because they’re broken, but because they were deliberately deactivated when computer-controlled traffic signals were put in place. Even now that I […]

In this article, Brittany Blackamore shares a few professional tips on how to land your dream job and move your career forward. It’s recruiting season. This is the busiest time of year for me, when hundreds of students reach out and want to know how to get in. How can they break into a top […]

Marja Fox shares a blog post on the strengths-based approach to enhancing performance and fostering diversity. In a previous post, I laid out the case for a strengths-based approach to developing others: how it enhances performance and fosters diversity, what it is (and is not), what it requires of practitioners and what employee, coach and […]

David Edelman shares an article on the challenges and opportunities of moving towards diversity and inclusivity. Recently, I was fortunate to sit down with CVS Health’s Chief Diversity Officer and Vice President, Workforce Strategies, David Casey, to discuss the challenges and opportunities we face in our journey toward diversity and inclusivity. David is a true […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Sean O’Dowd with the The O’Dowd Group. Sean is an independent consultant, with clients ranging from Fortune 500’s to leading Private Equity & Hedge Funds to Series C+ startups. Sean’s work frequently involves acquisition due diligence or post acquisition valuation creation. Outside of acquisition work, Sean frequently works for Industrial Goods […]

Surbhee Grover shares an article that identifies how entrepreneurs can move forward after COVID-19. For entrepreneurs, coming out of COVID-19 isn’t the end of a crisis. It’s the beginning of a new way of thinking about their approach to product-market fit, financing, marketing and go-to-market strategies. And for some, will be a time to reflect […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Gisela Linge with Strategy Meets Reality.  Gisela Linge spent three years as Director Corporate Strategy & Development at a leading global automotive supplier and has been working as an independent consultant since 2019. Prior to her Strategy role, she was as a team leader in Product Management and Strategic Procurement […]