Susan Hamilton shares a thoughtful post on creative thinking and the pursuit of possibility. September has always been my favorite month. The smell of new notebooks, the crispness in the still-warm air. A season full of unknowns, full of possibility. This year, the back-to-school season presents a different riff on unknowns to be sure, […]

  Ian Tidswell and Norbert Paddags co-wrote this article on what bankers should learn about innovative pricing approaches to increase profitability. Pricing – What private bankers can learn from Porsche Banks have learned a lot from industries like the automotive sector in the past, but they still have some catching up to do. This includes […]

  Start the year armed with a strong marketing strategy. Kaihan Krippendorff shares a short post on successful marketing campaigns and introduces his webinar on strategies to become agile and win customers through proximity. TONY HSIEH’S STRATEGIC PATTERN As many of you know, we recently said goodbye to an amazing leader, former CEO of Zappos, […]

  Remote onboarding presents a few new challenges; luckily, Tineke Keesmaat shares an article that offers seven ideas to help leaders transition to a new role.  Leaders transitioning into a new role bring with them fresh ideas and great energy. They want to hit the ground running and make their mark. But, many leaders are […]


Andy Sheppard explores the connection between business and spirituality and how one can feed the other.  In my work, I often help leaders to dismantle silos in their organisations. It’s so rewarding to see people thrive and gain new insights as they come together. Somewhat similarly, I have also found that new insights can be […]

  Jennifer Hartz shares an article that identifies the key steps to building strategic partnerships between nonprofit organisations and private, public, and independent sectors Nonprofit organizations and business volunteers need each other, but sometimes they speak different languages or don’t hear each other’s needs and assets. Companies have a broad set of tools – Time, […]


  Jim Klass shares a downloadable PDF that provides insight into the current disruption of the food industry with examples on how to use technology to improve cash flow and remove friction in the supply chain.  Foodservice has changed… A new Model is needed, one that creates value for all partners in the supply chain […]


  Paul Millerd shares the latest edition from his blog that explores the connections between the revolutionary and evolutionary writers in history with today’s dissemination of information on social media. He also shares a resource of links to today’s influential  inter-intellect sites.  The meta-scenius and the future Would Thoreau have convinced more people to move […]


Here’s a set of 100 tips for a better life published by Ideopunk on the blog LessWrong. Check the link for the full list.  #100 is a good reminder: “Bad things happen dramatically (a pandemic). Good things happen gradually (malaria deaths dropping annually) and don’t feel like ‘news’. Endeavour to keep track of the good things to […]

  Caroline Taich provides a concise post from her website that is the first in a series of two articles that explores how to improve social sector partnerships. One component of the question lies in the role of employers.  Intuitively I think we can agree that employers have much to gain from healthy, vibrant communities. […]


  Robbie Kellman Baxter shares her latest article with expert insights on the subscription-based business model. This week, she discusses the disruption to the manufacturing industry and three mindset shifts leaders will need to make during the coming year.  Whether you’re a B2B manufacturer or a supplier to the industry, it’s time to rethink your […]

  Johannes Hoech shares a practical post and instructional video that explains how to grow more lead generation enquiries with less budget using LinkedIn tools.  As a follow on to MarqetU’s recent blogs on low-cost lead generation approaches for B2B companies to re-start their sales pipelines, MarqetU’s CEO Johannes Hoech recorded this 7 minute instructional […]