David A. Fields provides a useful article developed specifically to win your firm more consulting projects. If you travel any major highway (a.k.a. motorway) you have passed numerous tractor-trailers hauling freight from one destination to another. Tractor-trailers provide a helpful metaphor that you can employ to improve your consulting firm’s business development process. The tractor […]

Gregory Borel shares a company post designed to help move companies closer to net zero. How will we collectively achieve net zero by 2050? At a high level the answer can be summarised in four key requirements: Use less energy Make the energy we use renewable Protect carbon sinks Collaborate and help others to make […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Sonny Ali.  Sonny has over 20 years of track record of delivering shareholder value as management consultant (BCG, GHD) and CxO-accountable operating leadership roles (Microsoft, IBM, GHD, Engage, TransCapacity, et al) and numerous marque clients (Cisco, SAP, Samsung, Pandora, Intel, PE firms), etc. Sonny lives in Boston, Massachusetts with his […]

In this concise post, Ximena Jimenez explains the value of having a thought partner. In Spanish there is no expression that captures the power of this concept, which is why we decided to keep its version in English. This term refers to that person who accompanies the leader of an organization in their reflection process, […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Elena Bazina. Elena is a cross-functional leader with 15+ years of experience building and scaling complex systems that drive excellent customer outcomes and optimize/ digitize processes. She has in-depth expertise in Product Management, Business and Product Operations, Product Partnerships, and Strategy. Elena spent the last 8+ years in product management […]

Corporations are beginning to change their operations and strategies to become more sustainable. This can seem like a huge undertaking for a company that is already long established, but some Umbrex and Veritux consultants are focusing on helping client companies become more environmentally sustainable. Nidhi Chadda, Founder and CEO of Enzo Advisors, says it’s often […]

In this article, Shelli Baltman shares some of the critical drivers and creative strategies that she has observed link directly to innovation success.   Choose your innovation team thoughtfully Any number of books have been written about successful innovation processes, approaches, tools, requirements and techniques, but in my experience the single most important determining factor […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Paul Sims with Agile, Inc.  Paul is a Harvard MBA and former Boston Consulting Group consultant with 20 years of founder, C-suite, and board experience as well as experience advising clients with a variety of growth-related engagements and digital transformation. He has deep executive/operational experience in go to market, disruption, […]

Nils Boeffel shares an article that explains why it’s important to recognize where, why, when and how the agile method chosen makes sense.  Agile methods are not simply a project management that work differently from the classic waterfall method, but they are something more. Agile looks to establish a culture of continuous change, of questioning […]

In the current environment of information saturation, Rahul Bhargava highlights the importance of critical thinking skills and how to improve them.  Now and then, every individual comes face to face with some challenge or a problem, which requires them to make a decision. For an entrepreneur, it could be something as simple as deciding a […]

Andrew Seay shares an article on the MECE framework and how it makes large inventory problems manageable.  How do you eat an elephant?  The answer, of course, is “one bite at a time.”  The same principle applies to all big problems, including those in the supply chain.  A $50M inventory problem is far too large […]

From David Burnie’s company blog, an article that identifies the best KPI to track contact center utilization.  Tracking utilization in the contact center is a key to companies remaining competitive. By improving contact center utilization, companies can improve customer service and satisfaction, reduce operating costs, increase employee engagement, and grow top-line revenue. It is important […]