As advances in technology improve processes and operations, business leaders must still deal with the prevalent issue of human behavior, especially when it is problematic and recurring. Mark Ledden shares four key steps that can change the negative habits towards the positive. While Kenning coaches do sometimes help our clients learn how to invent and […]

David A. Fields shares a recent post that is designed to help consulting firms identify and address areas that limit growth.  To achieve the next level of success with your consulting firm, you have to know what inflection point is next on your route (or, where you want to stop and optimize). Let’s briefly walk […]

From his company blog, David Burnie shares the first article in a three-part series on the future of P&C insurance in Canada and how the sector is evolving within. The series explores distribution, pricing and underwriting, and claims. For many years, the insurance sector had been notoriously slow to evolve. Customers viewed insurers as difficult […]

Bernie Heine explains why your employees are key to the public perception of your brand, and what you should do to ensure a positive message is shared. A recent study found that about 64% of global consumers have avoided a brand because of a bad experience they had within the past year. Almost half say […]

Jesse Jacoby shares key steps for leaders to help their team accept and manage change. In your role as a leader, you will likely encounter resistance to change at some point from one or more of your own team members. Resistance may come from a variety of sources: An individual with a difficult personality Someone […]

Kaihan Krippendorff identifies the importance of proxemics between product and consumer/user as a key component of growth for businesses. Shuffling through the crowds of Fourth of July weekend shoppers, I spied my prize. The farm stand’s rows were bursting with color—juicy strawberries, rich blueberries, and robust peaches. “Over here,” I called out to my kids […]

  Ushma Pandya shares a blog post from his company’s website that highlights key statistics on the use and recycling of plastic and how a new act will affect your life.  In March of 2021, a new version of the 2020 Break Free from Plastic Pollution Act was reintroduced into Congress. The federal bill, which […]

  Robyn Bolton reflects on lessons learned as a child that she brings into her field to help problems solve and drive innovation.  Innovation is all about embracing the AND. Creativity AND Analysis Imagination AND Practicality Envisioned Future AND Lived Reality Looking back, I realize that much of my childhood was also about embracing the […]

Xavier Lederer identifies a key component that must be considered when building a strategy for growth.  You are not competing directly against your competitors, you are competing to be unique in the marketplace.” What does your most valuable prospect look like? “Probably a lot like your existing valuable customers. The easiest and most profitable growth […]

  Susan Meier shares a behind-the-design post from Workspace Studio. This week, in an interview with Amanda Hindlian, she discusses the form, function, and favorite aspects of her home office.  What do you do for work? I’m the Global Head of Capital Markets at the New York Stock Exchange, which means that any time a […]

  How do you inspire creative thinking in your team without engaging the muse or adopting questionable practices? Stephen Wunker provides six practical steps that won’t break the law but will help break through constraints of the mind. How do I get my team to show creative thinking?” Under normal circumstances, many executives we work […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Stepan Chrz.  Before joining a data consultancy boutique as a Chief Commercial Officer, Stepan worked at McKinsey’s Prague office with a focus on strategy, transformations and B2B sales. He worked on 5 continents with clients spanning from light and heavy industry to telecoms and banks to online classifieds. Stepan holds […]