Step up your marketing game with a review of your target market. James Black shares the first in a series of columns developed for AlleyWatch to guide startups and small and medium-sized businesses on best-in-class marketing principles. In this article, he identifies 3 key steps you can take to understand your target consumer. Understanding the […]


Supriya Sen shares a post on the move to attract, inspire, and support women in leadership positions in industry. Yesterday, I felt privileged to attend a special screening of the moving documentary “Girl Rising”. This is a film framed around a set of true human stories about exploited girls, who each turn their situation around […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Galina Kan.  Galina’s background includes management consulting (5 years with McKinsey), PE (6 years with all stages of PE investments with successful exits realization) and startup (cofounder and CEO of K-12 EdTech, 2,5 mln USD seed investments) experience. Galina is interested at digital transformation, M&A and PMI processes, startups advisory. […]


Luiz Zorzella shares a short post on how to accelerate growth in your current markets.  Most businesses look for growth opportunities on their current markets, which are familiar and where they have brand equity. To stand out and to produce real growth from current markets: Stop limiting your upside to benchmarks and take the value […]

Wolfgang Hammes shares his view on the current inflation situation; he provides a historical perspective on inflation rates in the States, and a warning on overconfidence and complacency.  July CPI inflation rate minimally improved to 8.5 %. This marginal improvement was enough to initiate great euphoria among investors, politicians, and business leaders. Are we seeing […]

Start your week with the right mindset. Amanda Setili shares a perfect post for a Monday morning.  “Some beliefs become so ingrained that we don’t even question them. We just count them as truths. These unexamined beliefs can imprison us.” Key points include: We all do this We should learn to dismiss the negative thoughts […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Wolfgang H Hammes with the The Vangi Group.  Dr. Wolfgang Hammes is an expert in strategic management of inflation risks. In 2016, he published the prescient book “The Return of High Inflation,” in which he warned of a major inflation crisis. He has been a partner of McKinsey & Company […]

Marcia Nuffer takes a look at the increase in online learning and why it should be a key component of the new normal. Online learning can be, and should be, as addictive as the other technologies we use. We are addicted to technology.  Multiple studies say we check our phones between 50 and 80 times […]


Susan Hamilton Meier shares an evergreen post on why it pays to play in all things, including branding. We’re well into fall, and while the weather here in New York remains lovely enough, my work ethic tells me it’s time to buckle down and really get some work done. No more playing around. Summer is […]


Ben Dattner shares an article on how board members should approach assessing the CEO’s performance. As a board member, one of your most important responsibilities is to evaluate the current performance of the CEO, while simultaneously ensuring that he or she receives the right feedback, incentives and support in order to develop in the role […]

In this blog post, David A. Fields identifies two different approaches to consulting and which one has more clout with clients. Your consulting firm delivers creative solutions and excellent execution; thinking and implementation; fresh strawberries and whipped cream. Which of those should take priority (i.e., your time and resources) in order to win more clients? […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Tomás Adão da Fonseca with 2F Advisory Partners.  Tomas has extensive experience in leading projects and teams in strategy, business development and business change transformation. Over 10 years at BCG working in several offices and continents he has wide-ranged proficiency in evaluating local and global business environments to define corporate […]