Umbrex is pleased to welcome Marco Neutard with Neutard Consulting. Marco has a track record in consulting as well as line management (C-level). He spent five years at McKinsey (Engagement Manager) followed by roughly ten years at a boutique consulting firm raised by former McKinsey partners where he was also responsible for the whole recruiting […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome David Huie with Libertas Consulting. A former Booz-Allen & Hamilton consultant, David has also founded multiple tech startups one of which was acquired by a Fortune 50 financial services company. David has designed and developed 15+ SaaS software applications and is highly experienced in requirements discovery and documentation, UI-UX design, […]


Catch up on the AI trends for 2023 with this company post from David Burnie that explores five trends that are redefining intelligent automation. It is an exciting time to be in the world of intelligent automation. Advances in artificial intelligence and cloud-native capabilities are yielding a growing number of automation options for organizations to […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Sarah Elliot with Elliot Enterprise Advisors. Sarah is a former Bain & Company consultant who helps organizations build customer-centric businesses for the present and the future. She has nearly 17 years of experience helping global retail, CPG, and consumer-centric organizations transform their businesses through strategic thought leadership and pragmatic operational […]

In this article, Bernie Heine explains why even executives at the top of their game could benefit from executive coaching.  As we begin a new year, it’s natural to look back at last year and summarize all the milestones we’ve achieved. A new year represents a fresh start, and it’s always good to plan to […]


In this interview with Lawrence Yeo, Paul Millerd explores visual storytelling, creativity, and the concept of the practical creator. Being an undeclared major till his senior year of college, Lawrence didn’t really know what he wanted to do. After looking up which jobs make the most money, he decided to declare as an economics major, […]

In this article published in Forbes, Sindhu Kutty explains why it is so important to learn how to give and receive feedback graciously.  In Star Trek: The Next Generation, the first time Captain Picard meets his first officer, Will Riker, he asks him to do something moderately challenging: dock the battleship section without using any […]


If you feel you need to up the mental input at work, Jared Simmons has the solution.  Albert Einstein was famous for using thought experiments to consider abstract ideas. These were hypothetical situations that would help him to develop simple theories to explain the complex forces in our universe. His theory of special relativity came […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Robert Latusek with Sequoia Strategy. Experienced project manager leading complex corporate transformation and value creation programmes in pharma, insurance and tech industries, and supporting Private Equity clients with m&a and post-merger integrations of their portfolio assets. Geographical expertise in EMEA, APAC and North America. PhD from University of Oxford in […]

Darryl Stickel shares an article on how to build trust with virtual teams and why it is often lacking.  Discussions about creating high-performance teams have been with us long before the pandemic arrived.  Dramatic changes in the nature of our work and the spread of virtual teams created by the pandemic have profoundly challenged leaders […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Xavier Jopart with Fisheye Consulting. Xavier is a freelance management consultant with deep expertise in the financial sector, Small Business development and Government policy and regulation. Xavier started his consulting career with McKinsey & Company in Belgium and worked for a total of 10 years with McKinsey, in Brussels, in […]


Ian Tidswell provides the key to superior B2B pricing. Providing high quality price guidance to your sales teams as they negotiate with customers can result in measurable profit increases. It really should be a core process.  However I’ve rarely seen clear quality price guidance. Here some key questions to ask:   Why is price guidance […]