Umbrex is pleased to welcome Mikael Anjou with Förändringstid. Mikael is as an independent advisor helping clients in the construction sector at large to improve and transform their business to high productivity and efficiency. Besides being an advisor and board member, Mikael is also well-known in the sector for his book “The inefficient construction sector […]

This list of 100 Rules of Life from Ryan Holiday has some real gems. A few of my favorites: 28. Do the verb, rather than being the noun. 39. When evaluating an opportunity, ask yourself: What will teach me the most? 62. Belief in yourself is overrated. Generate evidence. 87. Have unrelated hobbies.

  Robbie Baxter brings the subscription-based business model to education and shares how it can benefit from the Membership Economy. The past year has been a difficult one for schools. It sometimes seems like everything’s in flux. Many families have changed strategies. Some have left traditional schools to join neighborhood pods. Others have gone from […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Jacqueline McDevitt Gowen with BIZYIST. Jacqueline is currently running her own strategy consulting practice, BIZYIST. Jackie is a former McKinsey & Company Engagement Manager/Associate from the New York Office. She focused on strategic, organizational and financial advisory projects there and was known for ability to turnaround complex and struggling engagements. […]


  Sean McCoy identifies key steps a business may take to alter the operation model and improve  productivity. We are in the initial stages of a productivity mega-trend. Forced by wage growth and enabled by technology, leading companies are already redesigning their operating models to make their people more productive. The forces creating the productivity […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Yacine Berdjeghloul with Wolfinance Consulting.  Yacine is a bright Risk professional with a strong academic background and technical experience in modelling & coding. He has a high interest in solving complex issues, is self-motivated and entrepreneurial. He was among the top 5% of his Bachelor’s and in his previous job […]

  Jonathan Paisner shares an evergreen post on what it takes to make a good tagline for your business.  How do we capture the essence of our brand in a handful of words? This sounds hard. That’s because it really isn’t the right question to be asking.  Better: What brief phrase can strengthen and deepen […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Samantha O’Neill.  Samantha is an independent consultant with expertise in Marketing, Digital strategy and Customer Experience. She was most recently the Chief Marketing Officer for Sun Life Canada where she ran a broad portfolio including Marketing, Customer strategy, the Digital properties (from the strategy through development), and the newly built […]

  In this article for Forbes, Stephen Wunker reveals how this small business led the charge in innovation, safety, and customer service during the height of the pandemic. You might not think of an auto body shop as a hotbed of business innovation – but you’d be quite mistaken. Consider the story of one small […]


In a book that I recommend every consultant read, The Irresistible Consultant’s Guide to Winning Clients: 6 Steps to Unlimited Clients & Financial Freedom, David A. Fields explains how to identify your core network. This is a useful exercise. If you go through the steps, you’ll almost certainly find names you had forgotten about who you’ll want […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Tanaka Chiimba with Impact Strategy Consulting.  Tanaka possesses 15 years of management consulting experience. After qualifying as a Chartered Accountant with Deloitte and Touche, she cut her teeth in consulting at McKinsey and Company where she spent 7 years serving leaders of mining, energy, infrastructure and public sector (education and […]


  With the pandemic slowing the pace in how we live and work, many of us may feel stuck. Luckily, Mike Ross shares a quick tip to help set movement in motion.  I’m lucky to spend a lot of my time working with highly intelligent, motivated people; helping them think through decisions for themselves and […]