Jacob Lehman shares an important reminder that good fortune helps many a career and how his has not been derailed by the mistakes that he’s made, and the privilege of being white.  When I was sixteen, I forgot about a knife that was in my pocket as I walked into a state courthouse for a […]

Claire de Weerdt shares an article that could help grow both your market and, consequently, your business in 2023. The size of the market a business is operating in is something strategy teams, investors, and start-ups all find value in assessing. For strategy teams and executives, understanding market size can enable better strategic decisions and […]

If it seems like your company burns through money, Serge Milman may provide insight into the reason why.  If you’ve spent any time at all around Procurement professionals, then you’ve likely heard about Tail Spend Sourcing. There are numerous consultants, technology providers, outsourcing providers and even some Procurement Leaders singing its praises. That’s unfortunate. Organizations […]

Tiago Garjaka shares an article that offers a few tips on how to effectively leverage consultants. As a McKinsey alumnus, I am quite familiar with the consulting business model. I’ve been involved in great projects and others that, let’s just say, were not so great. After joining the corporate world, I’ve had the opportunity to […]

Marc Bachs Castan shares an article he co-wrote with and was published on DataDrivenInvestor.  Disclaimer: We are not investment advisors. All opinions are ours alone. There are risks involved in placing any investment. None of the information presented in our articles is intended to form the basis for any offer or recommendation or have any […]

As the holidays come to an end, and a new work year approaches, Stephanie Soler shares a few tips on how to re-energize yourself and your team for the year ahead.  If you’re like most professionals I talk to at the end of the year, you’re feeling exhausted and depleted. And so is your team. […]

Richard Steubi shares an article on creating shared value through the emerging synthesis of corporate sustainability and strategy. Major corporations find themselves at the center of conflicting demands from virtually every direction: Activist investors are clamoring more loudly than ever for increasing shareholder value, often pushing for major changes Customers are becoming increasingly demanding and […]

Ramesh Subramanian shares an article that questions what follows automated machine learning.  Turns out, quite a lot.  This started with the anxiety shared by some co-workers a while ago that the world will end when robots start making robots. And I just happened to hear about auto-ML, the process of automating machine learning. I started […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome John Thorneycroft with Independent Consultant. John is an experienced executive and advisor who has recently launched an independent consultancy practice in the Amsterdam area. He was a generalist at McKinsey Netherlands for 5 years, before joiningg BT plc in the UK, where he led numerous major strategic and commercial product […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Serge Milman with Sourcing Advisors Group. Serge is proven leader with extensive expertise eliminating supply chain constraints, generating 25%- 40% vendor spend cost reduction, and improving vendor quality of service. I lead through fact-based engagement, skilled at building stakeholder support, and have successfully improved team expertise resulting in more effective […]

In this article, Caroline Taich explains how to avoid a critical mistake when setting up your strategic planning process. Much of my work involves strategic planning. Over the years I have observed that there are different kinds of strategic plans, and different views on what constitutes an excellent plan. This can lead to trouble when […]

In this article, Cheryl Lim Tan shares six ways to be a savvy wholesale buyer. The Boutique Hub and Tundra have communities of thousands of buyers who are always looking for more ways to confidently grow their business and make smarter buys. Some of the questions we often receive are around retail best practices for […]