To stay informed of the latest Security and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) cyber security rules, read this comprehensive article from Alex Sharpe. Links to resources included.  SEC Adoption of Cyber Security Rules – the Bigger Picture and Their Significance It was hard to miss the SEC’s passing of the first of three proposed Cyber Rule (File […]

In this podcast, Jared Simmons interviews Dr. Akhtar Badshah, Chief Catalyst at Catalytic Innovators Group, to discuss why he thinks innovation equates to a purpose mindset and how this requires balancing self, community, and work. Dr. Badshah believes innovation often gets conflated with invention. Though true innovators ask the big questions, “Why are you doing […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Clara Estol.  Clara successfully completed her MBA at MIT as a member of the Class of 2023. Her professional background spans Management Consulting, with a notable 3-year tenure at McKinsey & Co. She also gained valuable experience in the Fintech sector, where she served as Chief of Staff at ANK, […]

Paul Sims - Agile, Inc

Paul Sims shares an article that reveals how companies look at prospective employees to determine if they are a good fit for the company. At Kredible, we do a lot of research. In our research study in July 2015, we asked hiring managers across the country how a candidate’s online presence affects the hiring process. […]

Stephanie Soler offers a range of key questions to ask that will improve your coaching techniques and outcomes. Whether you’re a manager leading a team, a parent raising a child, or a really good friend, someone is looking to you to help guide them on a path. You’re a coach. Most people think of coaching […]

This evergreen article from Surpiya Sen demonstrates how our cities can be transformed into smart cities that are moving into a new age of connectivity and technology, sustainability and inclusivity with the ability to weather this new age of environmental and economic challenges. We’ve heard much about Smart Cities by now. India’s ambitious initiative to […]

Many companies choose to hire remote workers, but building trust in virtual teams can be challenging. Darryl Stickel addresses the problem in this article. Discussions about creating high-performance teams have been with us long before the pandemic arrived.  Dramatic changes in the nature of our work and the spread of virtual teams created by the […]

Hari Sripathi explores the reasons a company should consider expanding into a global market.  Companies, in particular, those headquartered in large domestic markets such as the US, China and India, often tend to wonder out loud why, if at all, it is necessary to grow globally? While it is definitely appealing to build a global […]

Davina Stanley shares a short post and link to a free tutorial on how to write emails that will get the traction and action you want.  Emails are a constant challenge. They are ‘everywhere’ in our day to day work and yet often seem too small a communication to invest heavily in. To help with […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Jochen Kaduff.  Jochen started his career as Management Consultant and later Associate Principal in the Swiss and Eastern European Offices of McKinsey & Co. He advised numerous Swiss and European clients on questions regarding Strategy, Organization, Turnaround, Post Merger and Risk Management. Afterwards, for two decades he held senior management […]

James Stranko shares thoughts on supply and demand in travel and explores the changing definition of business travel. Hello and welcome to Issue 3 of On the Road with Mr Hudson. This week we’re exploring the inverted imbalance of supply and demand in travel that will hit in the next few months, and the changing […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome George Gordon Henderson with White Isle Investments.  A summary of Gordon’s experience follows. “HEALTHCARE / HEALTH TECH / DIGITAL / MARKETING & SALES / STRATEGY / TRANSFORMATIOM Dynamic and highly motivated Board Level Executive / Advisor / Consultant, with a proven track record of success managing and transforming healthcare businesses […]