Ben Dattner co-authored this article published in the Harvard Business Review that offers insight on how to deal with an executive in the wrong role. Sometimes, executive coaching reveals that the person being coached is in the wrong role. When this becomes clear, bosses too often prematurely conclude that they have to fire the person […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Ahmad Mansour with Rare Capital. Ahmad describes his expertise: I started my career as an entrepreneur, co-founding two technology startups (B2C and B2B). As a Sr. Engagement Manager at McKinsey, I led top line growth (marketing and sales) and operations optimization for PE-backed B2B technology portfolio companies; in addition, I […]


In this article, Belinda Li explains what a social enterprise is and how it differs from most businesses. When I tell people our consulting firm has a passion for helping social enterprises, I’m sometimes met with the question, “what do you mean by social enterprise?” Or I might get a knowing look, yet the response […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Brad Turner with Hampshire Advisors. Brad focuses on transforming sales and marketing in private-equity owned mid-market software businesses that require rapid performance improvement. He plays both a consultative role, creating and driving the transformation plan as well as taking on interim CRO or senior sales leadership roles. Sweet spots include […]


In our fast-paced world of innovation and disruption, agility and adaptability are keywords that are a part of strategy building. In this article, Mark Hess shares insight on refreshing a strategy. Are You (and your team) Prepared for What Comes Next? The pandemic has brought changes to virtually every business and industry. Some of the […]

Christian D. Ruff shares an article that identifies common problems with supply chain network design and explains why it must be an interactive process. One of the duties I frequently performed as an operations research analyst in consulting projects was optimizing companies’ supply chain network designs. A supply chain is a network that connects suppliers […]

Anastasia Ksenofontova shares an article on the competition between sales and production teams and how consulting partners can combine the competencies of both departments. Salespeople sell what they know rather than what the clients need. They use personal connections rather than industrial or functional competencies to close the deals. Salespeople do not fully understand the […]

Natalie Ceeney shares a job posting for an independent assessor who will report to the Cash Action Group. Although cash use is declining in the UK, there remain 5m – 10m people who depend on cash. In order to ensure that these people – and small businesses – can get access to and deposit the […]


Andy Sheppard shares an article on the 5 Cs of operations improvement. Workers can often feel that their efforts to change are not being appreciated. This tends to be perpetuated if managers have been tasked with the default priority of reducing costs. Furthermore, mixed track records with such cost-reduction initiatives means people throughout an organisation […]


Aneta Key shares a practical and strategic outline of an IDEAL decision-making process. This article synthesizes what an effective decision-making process looks like — because just having a “process” is not enough — you need an IDEAL process. IDEAL framework While there is no one “right” decision-making process, many processes can lead to the wrong […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Frank Deane with Lumleian. Frank describes his practice : I am a former Bain Consultant with significant experience in strategic planning and portfolio analysis for Life Sciences companies and Life Sciences investors. Having begun my career at Eli Lilly evaluating pipeline assets and supporting portfolio optimization, forecasting, and business unit […]


Andrew Hone shares an article on pricing strategy and access to a full report. There’s no escaping it: pricing is one of the most important aspects of any business. Get it wrong and you can find yourself out of business. But get it right, and you can achieve a step-change in profitability, generating the free […]