Paul Sims shares an article on the trends driving change in the automotive industry that was published in Automotive Ventures.  There are many changes happening in the North American retail car market. The obvious ones are covered ad nauseam in the general press and the automotive conversations – connectivity, autonomous, subscription, and electrification, However, there […]

Jennifer Hartz shares a post and raises the alert on the problem of greenwashing in waste management.   Fun Facts Waste Management is the largest operator of solid and chemical waste disposal in the US. Bill Gates and Cascade Investment owns 34% of the company. Waste Management earned  profits of $17.4B in 2021, and the stock […]

As news of California’s increasing water shortages, Jessica Graf shares an article on water supply systems in Nepal and how to build better, more sustainable services. In Nepal, community-based management of water systems through local water user committees is very common. While the approach has been widely promoted in the past, the results are below […]

Koen Veltman shares a company blog post that outlines a simple process to ensure virtual meetings are more effective. Meetings can be very chaotic, especially when you don’t see each other, how do you efficiently get to a decision? Use a process! Not only decide on the what you will discuss, but also on the […]

As AI becomes more embedded in every facet of business, Jayanth Krishnan explores how it can impact your business and what to consider in a strategy to lessen the impact. The interaction between an economic downturn and technological innovation can produce unpleasant surprises to business. Having a template to think how technology and economy can […]

Mark Ledden shares a company post that can help develop a strategy to drive culture change.  This is the final installment of a three-part series of articles describing Kenning’s 3D Culture process, which focuses on the Development phase of the process. In the previous two articles we described the Diagnose and Design phases (the first […]

Jessica Lackey shares an article designed to help you find and leverage your talents and strengths. “I never truly considered what I was good at and how those experiences fit together. I just did the next job that I was asked to do.” There are personality tests and strengths assessments galore. And they can be […]

Martin Pergler taps into Wordle to illustrate how to apply risk management thinking. Friday’s Wordle (WATCH) provided a great example of applying risk management thinking, alongside strategy and adaptive decision-making. Helping institutions navigate the interplay of these topics is my bread and butter, so I enjoyed seeing it play out so clearly in a game. […]

Amanda Setili shares a podcast from her series Fearless Growth where she interviews Ken Blanchard and Randy Conley,  the authors of the new book, Simple Truths of Leadership: 52 Ways to Be a Servant Leader and Build Trust, on leadership. The world is in desperate need for a new model of leadership, say Ken Blanchard […]

If you are looking for a new way to build your brand and reputation, consider hosting thought leadership executive events. Umbrex member Amanda Setili of Setili & Associates shared her process and tips how to plan thought leadership events with the Umbrex community in a virtual webinar. Setili began setting up such events in 2011 […]

Ian Tidswell shares an evergreen, ever-valuable post on how to determine the hidden value of your new product or service. You innovate to keep ahead of the competition. But do you understand what your customer perceives as valuable? Let’s review what all the possible sources of value are for B2B products and services (note I’ll […]

Joanna Domingues provides sage advice for leaders when building a team. Every time I do it, it’s magical. And yet, I refrain. After all, I’ve spent a life showing myself strong and helpful, capable of dealing with anything you throw at me, and with composure and a smile (without asking for help). Isn’t that the […]