Rob Ristagno shares the latest podcast from the series CEO Campfire Chat. In this episode, the CEO and co-founder of Matillion shares how he moved the company focus from mining exceptional data to how the analytics could be used. When you ask Matthew Scullion, CEO and co-founder of Matillion, what his company’s vision statement is […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Robert Tas.  Robert has spent his career as Visionary Chief Growth/Marketing Officer (CMO), change catalyst and digital pioneer with a history of success leading transformations and igniting revenue growth by defining brand marketing strategies, use of data analytics and using digital as a performance weapon. His experience spans D2C e-commerce, […]


Paul Millerd recently self-published a book, and in this article, he shares the process and the practical details that will be useful for anyone considering self-publishing. “#1 There is a big gap between publishing blog posts and “writing a book” I decided to write a book with the mindset of I will throw together some […]

Robyn Bolton explains the nuances of Jobs to be Done. Before we go any further, I need to be clear that I absolutely, totally, and completely believe in Jobs to be Done.  In fact, more than once, I have uttered the words, “Jobs to be Done is a hill I will die on.” Which means […]

Guillermo Herbozo shares effective guiding principles when implementing an adult learning program in the workplace. No one would know that they just attended three weeks of training” a distressed Manager from a Top 3 US Telecommunications company recently told me. The team had just completed onboarding and most of the team members didn’t have a […]

Anubhav Raina shares a convincing post on the power of influencing others. Being able to influence someone on a key issue is the single greatest superpower you can have. From convincing a client or boss to try out your idea, to being able to guide your family into seeing things your way. Humans are influencing […]


IndeCollective runs cohort-based programs for independent professionals who seek to take their practice to the next level. Three members of Umbrex whom I respect have gone through the program and recommended it to me. IndeCollective Founder Sam Lee described the program to me on Episode 460 of Unleashed. This link provides an overview of the program summarized in the […]

Cheenu Seshadri shares an older post that explains the term zero-rating and why it was adopted. I have been watching the launch of Airtel Zero and the visceral reaction of a million netizens in India with curiosity. With 240M+ internet users and ubiquitous use of social media, I guess it is not hard to whip […]


Andrew McKee shares an article on the latest developments in Ulcerative Colitis.  Many of our clients are pursuing groundbreaking therapies in disease areas with high unmet medical needs, giving our firm the chance to become intimately familiar with some of the most exciting areas in drug development.  One disease area that is receiving a lot […]

Amanda Setili explains why the structure of a video game can be applied to business to attract and leverage top talent.  There’s a reason that the video game industry is larger ($179.7 billion according to IDC data) than the movie and music industries combined: playing video games makes players feel good, and for reasons that […]

Tineke Keesmaat shares a podcast that explains how leaders can gain better insight into their team. In this episode of LeaderLab, we are joined by Dave MacLeod, CEO and co-founder of ThoughtExchange, to explore the importance of conversations in organizations. Based on his research and insights shared in his new book, Scaling conversations: How leaders […]

Tirrell Payton explains why the best product managers delete more features than they add. The product was falling under its own weight. It was bloated and didn’t really solve a key problem for the customer. I talked to the lead product manager about some of the issues with the product, and he relayed that the […]