Luka Repansek shares a video on Opportunity Network and how this organization facilitates business growth. Opportunity Network is helping ABN AMRO Bank N.V. to support its corporate clients as they seek to achieve more sustainable business models. Discover our Trusted Partner’s vision for commercial banking and see why they recognize Opportunity Network as playing a […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Alex R Miller.  Alex was previously the Global Head of Strategy and the U.S. Strategy Line Leader for KPMG. With more than 30 years of M&A and strategic consulting experience, Alex has focused on helping corporate and private equity clients assess and complete transformational acquisitions and improve performance, with particular […]

Cheenu Seshadri shares five key takeaways from the recent Mobile World Congress in Las Vegas, which includes insights on 5G, private networks, the metaverse, cybersecurity, and more. Here’s our team’s take on the recently concluded #MWC22 in Las Vegas. While this was our first in-person industry event since #CES20 and we were excited to be […]

Alistair Hodgett shares an article that dives into an ongoing concern: the role of culture in managing national risk.  Public Policy, the independent think tank, have published an important piece of research into the structures and processes that allow countries to identify, analyse and mitigate complex threats and potentially adverse developments. Intended to contribute to […]

Boris Galonske shares an article that offers guidance on how to navigate turbulent markets. Managing commodity economics and exposures protecting company financials and decreasing vulnerability The war in the Ukraine has caused turmoil not only in energy markets but also in broader commodity markets. As such not only companies’ financials are at stake, structural risk […]


Andrew Seay shares an article that goes beyond the feel-good headlines of electric vehicle adoption to identify a potential risky confrontation with China. EVs feel like a good news story:  They leave a carbon footprint 75% lower than their ICE counterparts.  They are 40% less expensive to maintain.  Four door EVs like the Tesla Model […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Joseph Jordan with Actuparo. Joe is the President & CEO of Actuparo, a strategic advisory firm focused on assisting financial sponsors and individual companies in navigating the Federal marketplace and maximizing opportunities for growth and success. He was previously the head of Federal procurement policy, the top contracting official at […]

The fast pace of business and the constant call for innovation increases burnout and attrition. Fortunately, in this article, Jared Simmons shares ways to keep pace. Everyone wants to innovate, but few can find the right balance. Innovation creates excitement and allows teams to think and grow beyond their current state but is often quickly […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Eliza Li with Eliza Li Consulting. Eliza is a young and vibrant independent strategy consulting, who previously worked at the BCG Melbourne office for 1yr+. Since becoming an independent consultant, Eliza has predominantly worked on projects in financial crime and the digital future of mining in Australia. During her BCG […]

Bernie Heine shares three challenges leaders face with the work-from-home situation and how to deal with them. WFH: “Working From Home” is here to stay! We say that because research and our collective 2.5 years of COVID experience clearly demonstrate it. In our family, both of our children are working fully remotely, with no intention […]


Tight time constraints on commercial due diligence and changing market dynamics may slow the process of securing a deal. This company post, shared by David Burnie explains how to get a head start. Private equity funds are always on the lookout for their next deal. They scour the market, have countless conversations about potential targets, […]

Alex Miller shares an evergreen post on key elements that should be the priority of CEOs. Four out of 10 CEOS surveyed in our 2016 CEO Outlook report anticipate that their companies will undergo significant transformation over the next three years. To support their approach to transformation, the CEOs indicated that they are building their […]